The International Association of Healing Ministries (IAHM) are holding the third of the seasons Miracles and Healings nights this coming Saturday, 13th November. The zoom links are available on the IAHM website, see under “Events”, look for the link for the English speaking prayer room. The English speaking prayer room will be open for those wanting prayer from 6:30pm.

The desire of IAHM is to transmit the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is accessible with a demonstration of God’s power through signs, miracles and wonders! The main speaker for the event will be Izabella Bodini Waters, some aspects of Izabella’s life is given below.

Izabella Bodini Waters, or in short Iza, is a missionary born in Brazil. Her heart’s desire is to see a great mission movement pouring out of her country.
In 2011, she left everything behind, including her job as physiotherapist for which she has a degree, and moved to Hawaii to do her missions school at the YWAM base in Kona.
For 8 years, she was living there, as well as traveling the world and training young people in missions. In January 2018, she moved back to Brazil to start leading a mission school in partnership with the Dunamis Movement. For 3 years she helped pioneer this movement’s mission work.
Recently she and her husband James – a young entrepreneur who also led a worship and prayer movement in the UK – moved to the UK and Izabella became a mother. Her heart is to see revival and a great move of God in Europe.

For more details of the event see the IAHM website –

The Zoom link for the Prayer Rooms on 13th November 2021 will be available soon.

At 6:30pm the Prayer Rooms will be opening and will remain open for 2 hours. The English-speaking prayer room will be managed by Healing Rooms England and Wales whose members are trained and experienced prayer ministers from a wide range of mainstream Christian churches. It is their desire that all people find healing and wholeness. Their aim is to help those struggling with life’s challenges be they physical, emotional, or relational. Calls are managed confidentially. Healing Rooms England & Wales for more information go to: