Meet the Team

David & Veronica Mee

( National Directors for Healing Rooms England & Wales)

We have been involved in HREW since 2012 and see this ministry as the body of Christ coming together to bring healing in a place filled with peace and unity. Healing Rooms expresses God’s heart to bring wholeness and restoration to both Christians and those who are not yet believers. Our passion is to envision, encourage and develop existing Healing Rooms as well as train and equip new locations. Healing Rooms exists in a variety of locations, such as churches and community venues. The Marketplace Model has widened its availability to people unconnected with the church or the Christian faith.

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Jim & Carole Potter

(Joint National Administrators for Healing Rooms England & Wales)

We became involved with HREW in 2018 following a strong prompting from the Lord and a prophecy given to Carole following the HREW National Conference earlier that year. Since that time, we have known the Lord’s blessing on our lives and our family. We have been through some dark valleys and seen our God bring healing when the doctors had said there was no hope of recovery. The Lord has removed mountains that had been immoveable for years, to quote Bill Johnson “God is Good He’s Better Than You Think!”

Our local HREW team has become like an extended family, we are loved and supported by this amazing group of people who love Jesus and each other, loving God, and longing for others to receive his love and support into their hearts and lives.

Our desire is to see Healing Rooms in every town and city across the UK. To see MarketPlace Healing Rooms, expand and to see those who have no connection with church or the Christian faith, encounter our God and experience his love and blessing in their lives! We long to see the Kingdom of God extended across the UK, Europe, and the whole world!

We help support Healing Rooms teams and are in the office on Mondays and Thursdays. We would love to hear from you if you have any queries or would just like to say hello! You can email us at

The headquarters team are aided by a further group of Regional Directors whose responsibility is to co-ordinate activity and provide ministry support within the HR locations in the regions. This includes making sure any updates and policy decisions from HQ are fully understood, arranging any on-going training for the regional locations and monitoring the activity to ensure compliance with HREW policy and procedures. The Regional Directors also provide ministry  and pastoral support for the Directors and Prayer Teams in their locations.

The Regional Directors periodically arrange and manage group meetings in their area where policy updates, news and future events can be communicated.

Christine Wannop 

Christine Wannop, who many of you will have already spoken with, will be starting to keep in regular touch with everyone so that we can make sure that the information on the new National HREW Website and individual profile pages is up to date and enables people who are wanting to access a Healing Rooms in their local area to do so.

Christine is a member of the local Healing Rooms team in Congleton who is now volunteering to help our Healing Rooms nationally. I am sure that we are all very grateful to her for her willingness to serve the ministry in this way.

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Mike and Beverley Robinson

Healing Rooms England and Wales Ambassadors

Previously Regional Directors for the South West of England, Mike and Beverley have recently stepped down from these roles after twelve years. Mike was at one time a trustee for Healing Rooms England & Wales and now he and Beverley have become its Ambassadors. Pioneering is still very much on their hearts, having previously trained and planted new Healing Rooms in many parts of the South West including the West Midlands, but also internationally in Denmark and Malta. 


The Regional Directors are:

Sue Davies Norman & Janice Paskin John and Sarah Lander John & Elizabeth Plummer
Ralph and Sylvia Barnes Tom & Jackie Taylor

Each HR Location has it’s own Director(s), their names can be found in the details page for the location. Each Director has a team of Prayer Ministers, the Prayer Team is further supported in most cases by an intercessory Prayer Team.