Our Partners

Healing Rooms England & Wales partners with several other organisations that operate in the sphere of Healing Ministry. The partnership can take many forms and is based on mutual sharing and co-operation to bring a “stronger together” message to our volunteers and visitors alike. Some examples of our partnership include:

  • Sharing all our testimonies of healing with the “Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer”
  • Parental support and training from IAHR.
  • Guest speakers and ministry teams from Eastgate
  • Joint International Healing and Miracle Nights with IAHM
  • Being included in the listing with CHUK
  • Refering people to Sozo UK for more focused inner healing ministry
  • Encoutering God’s presence through the worship leading of Cath and Angus

Each of our partners listed below have a unique ministry of healing and this uniqueness brings wholeness to what we offer.


Eastgate Church, North Kent

Heaven on earth. It is what we live for. We are a growing family of people in North Kent who live to see the world impacted by the tangible love and power of the living God. Passion is the beating heart within everything we do. We are here to serve the community we are part of, see society transformed and make a difference to people’s lives.  


Pete Carter – Petec@eastgate.org.uk  and

Alan Cass – alanc@eastgate.org.uk

Christian Healing UK

Christian Healing UK is an affiliation of Christian healing organisations and healing advisors across the UK. It is based on mutual support, respect, and friendship. The ministry of each organisation is unique, and there is considerable difference in style. All of us are united in our desire to bring Christ’s healing ministry to those in need.


International Association of Healing Rooms – IAHR

The “International Association of Healing Rooms,” (I.A.H.R), was set up in 1999 by Cal Pierce who believes his organisation is drawing upon the healing anointing of former healing revivalist John G. Lake, (1870 – 1935). Thousands of these “Healing Rooms” have now been set up all over the world, with over 60 in the UK alone and over 2000 in India.


Elaine Knott – Eknott@healingrooms.com


Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer has a vision to preserve our nation’s Christian heritage, inspire the nation to pray, and remember that Jesus answers prayer. When built, Eternal Wall will be a monumental piece of public art, located near Coleshill Manor alongside the M6 and M42 motorways, on the outskirts of Birmingham, UK. The sculpture will be built of one million bricks, with each brick linked to an answered prayer, reminding visitors that Jesus is alive, He listens and He answers; a crowd-created landmark to make hope visible.


Helen Roxborough (Executive Assistant to Richard Gamble) – helen@eternalwall.org.uk or

Michelle Heritage (Head of Answered Prayers) – michelle@eternalwall.org.uk

International Association of Healing Ministries – IAHM

Bringing the message of the Gospel along with signs to the end of the earth and see a great harvest to the end of times.

Uniting healing ministries through an international network in order to support one another and offer a greater visibility and credibility.

Restoring and developing healing ministry in every christian community in a standard of biblical ethics with different tools.



Jean-Luc Trachsel (The President) or

Patrick Bigler – pa@healing-ministries.org (Personal Assistant to Jean-Luc Trachsel)

Paul & Sue Manwaring

After 15 years of living in California and serving on the Senior Leadership Team of Bethel Church, Paul & Sue Manwaring returned to live in the UK in December 2016.

The Manwaring’s continue to represent Bethel in Europe and around the world and to facilitate Global Legacy and Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) alumni. Paul & Sue have never been so certain of God’s leading than in this season of their lives. As well as representing Bethel they will be joining with Jean Luc Trachsel and other leaders in Europe as they develop a strategy for the evangelization of Europe as well as preach and teach with that goal in mind. The Manwaring’s will continue to travel around the world and to develop their ministry with a particular emphasis on empowering leaders in every sphere and walk of life. Paul & Sue are so grateful to those who have expressed a desire to support them in this exciting season of their lives.


Paul Manwaring (Fathering People & Organisations) – sue.manwaring@ibethel.org


SOZO UK – Christine and David West 

Christine and David have been ministering healing – inner healing – since 2008.  That was when they experienced the inner healing ministry, Bethel Sozo, for the first time.  Since then, they have been ministering inner healing to churches, conferences, events and leadership teams across the UK and more recently into Europe.  Like so many other people, they learned that there is a powerful link between inner health (your soul) and physical health (your body).  3 John v2 says “I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers”.  Clearly a healthy inner world is essential for both prosperity and good health.

Website: bethelsozo.org.uk

Europe Shall Be Saved – ESBS

ONE MOVEMENT OF PEOPLE FROM ALL BACKGROUNDS TO SEE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST CHANGE EUROPE. In this special time, this is what we stand for. This is not another organization. It is a mobilization of the whole Body of Christ to see a harvest on this continent.


ESBS  – contact@fondationesbs.org

Cath & Angus Music

Cath and Angus MacGregor, of Halifax in Yorkshire, are worship leaders and songwriters.  Their heart is to pursue, and enjoy, intimacy and encounter with God and to co-labour with Him to establish His Kingdom on earth, as it is in Heaven.  Their latest adventure, The Dwelling Place Trail, takes them across the UK into people’s homes to worship and soak in God’s presence, pursuing healing, freedom and breakthrough for all.

Facebook: facebook.com/cathandangusmusic