HREW have engaged in a year-long Healing School for International Association of Healing Ministries (IAHM) where have provided monthly online ministry under their umbrella. The first of these nights was on the 12th September 2020, the Miracles & Healings nights are broadcast via YouTube and the individual prayer via Zoom. Full details of the night are available from the IAHM website: On the website you will find both the YouTube link for watching the speakers and the log-in details for those wanting prayer.

The main speaker on the 12th June Claus Moeller (DK) Danish evangelist, Claus Moeller, is a dynamic revivalist who travels around the world preaching the Gospel. His heart is to see people get saved, healed, delivered, and set on fire with the love of God. After ten years of drug abuse, he had a life changing encounter with the saving, delivering power of God through Jesus Christ. He got filled with the Holy Spirit and finally got peace with God, who spoke to him and called him into the ministry. Since then, he has travelled around the world in 46 nations, preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders.

On this evening HREW had a team of 36 prayer ministers and this enabled us to have 9 prayer rooms.  The evening was very busy, starting with a time of “soaking worship” with live music.  When we finished there had been 30 persons wanting prayer and these came from as far afield as the USA, Ghana, Western Europe, South Africa, Israel and the UK.  The prayer rooms were opened at 6:30pm and closed at 8:30pm.  The team gave many testimonies of God’s healing and these will be posted to the testimonies page.  A few visitors returned to the main room where they gave thanks for the prayers received and gratitude for the prayer ministers involved.

If you were not able to see the previous Miracles & Healings Nights the evenings can still be viewed on YouTube.  The link to access this is on the IAHM website under the heading Miracles & Healings Nights, select by date. Miracles & Healings Night in English