This is what our prayer teams experienced, as they prayed for the people who visited our prayer rooms online on Saturday 16th January 2021.

We saw a lady with shingles, relieved and happy – A lady suffering with anxiety, bleeding gums and acne, blessed and feeling God’s presence – A man with back problems, jumping off his seat shouting not pain, no pain, I am healed, I have no pain! – A lady with multiple health problems, including a compromised immune system, laughing uncontrollably as she felt the fire of God in her stomach. She was brimming over with thankfulness to God and the Holy Spirit. – A lady burdened with complex work related issues, said that she felt that her burden had been lifted. – A lady with Covid19 wanted freedom from fear, healing and protection for her family. She felt that her breathing was improving as she was receiving prayer. – A lady suffering from severe arthritic pain in her feet, hips and hands, felt so much better after prayer – Her face was radiant.

The above are just a few of the people who came into our prayer rooms during last Saturday’s Miracles & Healing Night. Praise God that they came for prayer and that He met with them.

What a privilege it is to be praying for so many lovely people, such a blessing to see all of these people receiving help through prayer – Thank you Lord Jesus.