Northampton Healing Rooms

Caroline Wood

Associate Director:
Martin Hunt

Contact Information:
Tel: 07445 039178


New Life Church
9 Tower Street,
Northampton NN1 2SN
Thursdays 10.30am – 12noon

Broadmead Community Church
Broadmead Avenue
Northampton NN3 2QY
Wednesdays 7.00pm – 9.00pm

Opening Times:
“see above” and Please telephone or email first for an appointment.

Our meeting began as usual with Communion and praise. We then reviewed those coming for ministry and waited to see if our Dear Lord had anything to say. He usually did.

On this occasion we were to meet a family of three: mum dad and an 11 year old boy who was autistic and could not speak, they had been before. The Lord gave us one message: “be quiet, say nothing” !!!!!!

At the appropriate time 3 of us went in to meet our guests, leaving 5 who were praying as a back up team.

We welcomed the family and Mum then thanked us very much for our prayers last time. Among other things she had asked for prayer for herself for a bad headache which she had felt for some time. Following our prayers she had no headache, We rejoiced and thanked our Dear Lord.

Normally at this stage we would have asked what they had come for (if we had not previously been notified). However in view of the message we simply said that we were going to have a time of quiet. This we did and after a short wait one of our team began singing a song given by God:

My Lord is singing a song over you (x2)
A song of His love and a song of His peace (x2)
This was sung to a simple tune with a strong rhythm.
When this was repeated the boy started tapping to the rhythm. The next time he joined in with the words.
Mum screamed and said – “He has never spoken ever.”
Clearly a miracle, and we believe the start of something marvellous.
One of the back up prayer team pushed a piece of paper under the door which said: Holy Spirit. So we prayed over each family member that they would receive the Holy Spirit.

'Pour out all your worries and stress upon him and leave them there, for he always tenderly cares for you'

1 Peter 5:7 The Passion Translation of the Bible