Go back to “The Garden” by Ruth Scorey

Go back to “The Garden” 

by Ruth Scorey

A workbook for encountering God at close quarters.

Book Summary

The Garden of the heart is a place of interface between Heaven and Earth.  Going back to The Garden of our hearts is all about enlarging our experience and understanding of our original design in God and His promises to us for life, health and wholeness.  This manual may make you laugh or cry tears of healing, as you wander through the activations.  They help to whet your faith imagination in such a way that you will encounter God at close quarters, much as Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden.  There you will journey with the Lord, as He leads you through The Garden of your heart, while simultaneously expanding into The Garden of His heart and into spiritual maturity.

My story

At my ordination into Healing Rooms Ministries at the Spokane headquarters in 2016, Lori Taylor from Santa Marie Healing Rooms felt the Lord repeatedly say over me:  “The book!  The book!  The book!  The book!  The book!”  It was clear to us both that I had a book to write, although neither of us knew what kind of book it might be at that time; but here it is.

I have faithfully kept a prayer diary since 2011, when I began to journal my quiet times with the Lord every day.  This made me realise that God is speaking to us all the time, whether we are listening to Him or not.  Then, in 2012, I attended my second Jesus Ministry conference at Christ Church Fulham in London.  There, we all did a short individual meditation on Revelation 4.  So remarkable was that experience, that I phoned Ray, my husband to be, to tell him all about it; “Did you know that the sea of glass tinkles?  And do you know why it tinkles?  Because there are diamonds in the surf!”  My imagination had connected me with the Word of God in such a way that it brought Heaven alive and made it somehow more than three dimensional.  Scripture makes it clear that Heaven is very much al fresco—outdoors—and I realised that not only is Heaven a giant garden but it also has a mind and life all of its own; the mind and life of Christ.

Since then, we have both experienced a deepening understanding of what The Garden of our hearts might be.  I hope this manual will help you too to experience the very real presence and healing of God in The Garden of your own heart.  This manual is unashamedly scattered with Bible references.  They are strong rungs on the ladder to heavenly understanding.  I have not always taken God at His Word and, in the past, have taken Scripture with large pinches of salt.  But because God is good all the time, He is utterly trustworthy and it is right to trust what is written in the Bible; it is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16) and written through people trained in the art of listening to Him.  Because the greatest commandments in the Bible are to love God and to love others, reading Scripture through the lens of love will always help us better understand the meaning of our creator.

So here is the book!

 7 years after Lori Taylor’s prophetic word.  The manual’s main message is that spiritual healing is key to all our healing and that this has already been bought for us by what Jesus did on the cross.  There are quotes from Cal Pierce, as well as Graham Cooke, Bill and Beni Johnson and many others.  It’s got lots of colour diagrams, artwork and pictures  all in 8×10″ portrait format, three chapters explaining the biblical premise of going back to The Garden, 12 main activations to assist the reader in exploring The Garden in Scripture and their own hearts, testimonies and stories about The Garden, prayers for inner healing, where to get further help, garden-based scriptures, fifteen of God’s promises, a key to Song of Songs and, in the paperback version, a handy index.

This book is available on Amazon for £12.99 and Kindle £6.49. The author is available for low-cost church events (travel expenses may apply), if people are keen to explore a day of “Garden” activations : ) Author copies are available in person for £10.

Book Review

“What a fabulous and delightful book.  Full of great healing activations, healing insights and breakthrough stories.  This is poetic, lyric, with enough prophetic imagery to satisfy all the senses.  Ruth is an insightful writer, with many lived experiences and years of walking alongside many on their healing journey.  I highly recommend reading this.”

Christine Wren James

Director, Life Streams International

“This book can be read and worked through alone, with a friend, spouse or group and I would suggest journaling, so that you can revisit your encounters.  I also would like to suggest that you may wish to go through the activations regularly and/or practise them as an annual exercise to expand and explore more of The Garden of your heart.  As I worked through the exercises myself, there was a mixture of laughter and healing tears, which served to water my own heart’s garden.  The Master Gardener showed me a number of weeds that needed uprooting, as well as seeds that we planted together and beautiful flowers and trees that grow as a result.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my own journey with this book and look forward to buying printed copies for myself and friends.  I pray that each of you will receive multiplied blessings as you read it.”

Michelle Smith

Seer, Prophet, Mentor, Spiritual advisor and Co-Leader, Glory Tribe with husband Rod

“If you feel that God has a plan for your life (which He does) but feel stuck or frustrated or confused, or you need fresh faith and inspiration, then this wonderful book will help you immensely.”

Dan Ward

Community Pastor, Sheringham Lighthouse Church