“Faith” by Pete Carter


Pete Carter

Jesus said that, “Everything is possible for one who believes,” and that “Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains”. These amazing statements carry great hope and at the same time, they present a huge challenge to Christians in terms of how we can and should work them out in our daily lives. Jesus also talked about how ‘unbelief’ is a powerful barrier to seeing the full reality of Jesus expressed through Christian lives. So then, how do we grow in faith and overcome our unbelief?

In his book “Faith”, Pete Carter takes us on a journey of addressing these issues. The book is divided in three sections that build our understanding towards our goal. “What is faith?”, “Enemies of faith” and “How to continually grow in faith”. And between each chapter, a true story of faith in Jesus, at work through everyday lives, provides an ongoing encouragement to grow in faith.

Pete’s style of writing is easy to read, yet contains profound truths explained simply in short chapters. Subjects such as “Why doesn’t God answer our prayers” are answered using Biblical truths; the imagery of the potential of the Holy Spirit described as a “River of life” and flowing in every Christian life provides a background theme  throughout the book.

Pete Carter

Pete Carter


Pete Carter is a medical doctor, one of the senior leaders of Eastgate church and the founder of Heaven in Healthcare. He has a naturally supernatural lifestyle based on simple but profound faith in Jesus expressed in all parts of his life including his medical career. Eastgate church is known for its Holy Spirit centred reality resulting in a culture of freedom and supernatural activity.

Pete founded the Healing Centre at Eastgate in 2011. It has seen thousands of visitors and has witnessed God do very many amazing miracles in an atmosphere of love, peace and joy. It has also been accepted by local doctors as a complementary service supporting healthcare provision.

Book Review

“A refreshing, biblical view of how to walk in the supernatural, naturally – with wonderful testimonies dotted throughout. A peek into what the everyday life of a true believer in Jesus should look like: Simple, but effective. No bells and whistles.”