Skin Conditions

Testimonies of healing from skin conditions from Healing Rooms:

“All my life I had suffered with eczema. I had it all over my body and it caused me sleepless nights of itching and scratching. I was waking up crying because I was so sore and it had all become infected. I went to the Healing Rooms of Halifax for the first time and received prayer for healing. I improved considerably but wasn’t completely healed. I continued to visit the Healing Rooms and after my third visit I was completely healed. I have had no trouble since. Praise God!”

“I came to the Healing Rooms with severe psoriasis (an auto-immune disease that manifests in a skin condition similar to eczema) covering about 80% of my skin. I was advised by Dermatologists to moisturise regularly to keep it at bay, but the reality was ‘it can't be cured’.
I researched and tried and tested every recommended lotion and treatment but it only seemed to get worse. It built up so much that when I moved, the skin would crack and become very sore, it covered my hands and feet making it difficult to walk. I quit my job in sales and became very depressed, not wanting to see anyone or go out.
I received prayer from members of my church and it became clear that it was a 'heart issue'. On visiting the Healing Rooms for the first time I noticed a dramatic change almost overnight. It's been a healing process, not an instant miracle, but the Lord has certainly healed me. I've found release from past hurts, grief and pain, had pictures of what's to come, and my skin has never been so smooth. The psoriasis has gone!
Although some scars/blemishes remain I know the Lord will not stop here, and I will stand before him 'without blemish'.
Praise the Lord for his amazing grace and bless you all at the Healing Rooms for your ministry and your hearts. Above all, it is the Love of God in the praying people that changed my life and kick-started my healing. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and from me- thank you!”