Ears and hearing

Testimonies of healing for ears and hearing from Healing Rooms:

"I visited Costa after having a very uncomfortable ear problem for two months, which was affecting my everyday life.  The welcome I received was great; it was so warm and kind.  We started off with a quick chat which put me at ease immediately.  I described my issue, and they listened carefully and then began to pray over me.  I felt so calm and peaceful, and really felt a connection with God.  Since this time I have noticed significant improvement in my ear.  Although not fully healed it is much better".

“From a young age I suffered from a severe and persistent ear infection, which left me partially deaf. I was told that as I grew older my condition would deteriorate leaving me totally deaf. At the Healing Rooms I requested prayer for the healing of my ears and on my second visit I realised that there had been a considerable improvement with my hearing. The Healing Rooms team prayed again for my total healing. On the following day I realised I could hear the sound of my TV without increasing the volume. God has turned my life around for the better in such a way that I can now hear far better. I give Him all the glory for the great things He has done and continues to do in my life.”