Wombs, ovaries and pregnancies

Testimonies of healing for ovaries, wombs & pregnancies:

Prayer Line Testimony Received 06/07/2023

“A father recently rang the Prayer Line to give thanks for answered prayer.  The prayer request was for his daughter and a safe delivery of his grandchild.  The birth he said was miraculous and the daughter felt the whole experience was surreal as everything went so well!  The father was thankful to God and for the prayers prayed on behalf of his daughter.”

“I went to the Healing Rooms for my womb and ankles, since I have had chronic problems with both causing major disruption to my life every month with my menstrual cycle and intermittent difficulty walking because of pain, swelling and stiffness in my ankles. My blood loss, pain and physical exhaustion from my menstrual cycle were extreme, so much so that days off work sick were the norm and diary planning for work and personal life was done around my cycle. After more than 10 years of this and various unsuccessful attempts to address it through strong prescription, contraception, and supplements, I am now healed. As I write this, I have had two lighter, shorter periods without extreme blood loss, pain, or exhaustion. The most I have felt is a dull ache for a day or two, which does not even need pain killers…. I am so grateful for this humble, genuine, life changing ministry. Thank you everyone at the Healing Rooms. God bless you and your ministry.”

“Since my pregnancy began the doctor was concerned that my baby would be small, as my first child was only five and a half pounds. They, therefore, gave me a series of scans to check the growth rate. I was thirty-two weeks when the hospital found that things were not going well. They thought the baby was small, particularly in the abdomen, which was under the borderline limit for that age. They said they would probably induce me at eight months as the baby was not growing well. They gave me two strong steroid injections to mature the baby’s lungs as they may not be strong enough to undergo birth. They also said I would be likely to have a caesarean section as a natural birth might be too stressful for the baby. I had to start going to the hospital every other day to have the baby’s heartbeat monitored.

My mum encouraged me to go for prayer at the London Healing Rooms. They prayed for the baby and that it would come naturally. I immediately felt at peace. I had my next scan at thirty-five weeks to check for growth. They were surprised when the scan showed the baby to be of normal size and the abdomen above borderline. I was told I would not need any more scans or monitoring. The consultant was happy to allow the baby to come naturally and not return to the hospital until forty weeks or whenever the baby decides to come! I am grateful to God for what he has done and very thankful to the team and the Healing Rooms for their prayers and love.”

“In 2011 I was diagnosed with an extremely rare pregnancy related condition called Pemphigoid Gestation’s. In the early stage of my pregnancy I had developed large blisters and ulcers all over my body, arms, and legs, was in excruciating pain, and could not sleep. I found myself crying nearly all day; my faith was being really tested.

I saw 12 different doctors. This condition is so rare and has other complications. I was so low and visited Healing Rooms for prayer. The sores started to heal, and I felt so much peace. I cannot thank them enough at Healing Rooms, for all their love and support.” [This lady has since given birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl.

“On 2nd October 2003, I had a hysterectomy which took some time to heal. Four months after my operation I took a trip to Spain, at which time I had lost my appetite for food and lost about two stones in weight. A week after my return from Spain I went to the Healing Rooms of Halifax where I was prayed for. During the time of prayer, I sensed the awesome presence of God in the room and felt the power of God all over me. I made a second visit to the Healing Rooms a week after my first session to be prayed for again. After my second visit I realised that there had been a great improvement in my appetite. I now have my appetite for food back and my weight loss has ceased. I feel absolutely great for God has been good to me.”

“Our daughter gave birth to our first grandson recently and he had to have immediate antibiotics due to an infection they both contracted during labour – he had to have assistance when he was born and carefully monitored in the hours following. Although my daughter’s infection markers dropped and she started to recover, the baby’s however shot up to dangerous levels, meningitis was mentioned and a lumber puncture if the situation didn’t improve, we immediately contacted the healing rooms teams that evening with a prayer request for our grandson – we needed divine intervention and praise god that’s exactly what happened! The very next morning, we believe, as a direct result of prayer his infection levels had dropped from 16 to 10 which was out of the danger zone, the doctors we’re amazed and from that moment on he started to strengthen, feed and respond normally, they were allowed home the next day. Praise god for his healing power and for healing the emotional scars of the traumatic events for my daughter they are both thriving now!”

Presence Conference 2021 Day 2

We prayed for a lady who had problems with her uterus and ovaries. She is currently seeing a specialist. We commanded these organs to be healed in the name of Jesus and asked for a special touch from the Lord for her as she didn’t feel anything at first. Then she said she had felt the presence of

Presence Conference 2021 Day 2

Report from one team member: A couple from the USA trying for a baby for 7 years but no success due to Endometriosis. We commanded healing of the organs, shared scriptures. Prayed for the husband against Crohn’s. The couple were very grateful for our prayers and said they felt the presence of the Lord.

Report from another team member: A lady from New England USA re endometriosis and also her husband who was sitting quietly. They were both praying to conceive but not having any breakthroughs. He also had an issue with mild Crohn’s disease which he was on medication for. We prayed for both of them and they both got blasted by the Holy Spirit at the same time. I was amazed that all the teams we have and all the rooms God would send them in to our room specifically because my wife suffered with this years ago in fact it was a generational curse that came down to all the women of her family from South Africa.

Presence Conference 2021 Day 2

Another lady – Low fertility, trying for a baby for 7 years. Gave Matt 9:27-30. Told her to reach out to Jesus in faith and receive complete restoration.

Presence Conference 2021 Day 3

A lady from Europe who I had prayed with the previous night who needed healing so she could have a baby. This time she wanted prayer for a child they were going to foster who had a lot of emotional damage, they already had his brother. A powerful time of prayer, with prophetic ministry, it also
turns out she leads the children’s ministry in her church.

Presence Conference 2021 Day 3

A young woman from Florida, I had a word of knowledge, that it was an STD! I didn’t need to share anything as she had come for that, as she had lived a permissive lifestyle, but been converted about 18 months. However she was now having bad problems with immune system. We again had a
powerful time of prayer with declarations, and reassurance for her. She seemed really touched by the end.

Presence Conference 2021 

We prayed for a lady with endometriosis – she was due to see the specialist again at the end of this month. Her prayer was that she would be healed before the medical appointment. After prayer she said she had felt warmth and a throbbing feeling in her stomach.