Three days!

news:// days after receiving a severe head injury the prognosis given by my medical team was dismal. I had a traumatic brain injury on the GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) I was a 3, and BFDP (bilateral fixed and dilated pupils). After 3 days of fighting to save my life the medical team informed my husband that they could do no more for me and that brain death was imminent, and that he should be with me. My husband called all our friends, our pastor, our prayer team and asked them to pray, my two daughters were to young to accompany him to the hospital, so he came alone. As he stood by my bedside a tall man came alongside him, he said to my husband ‘I am a Christian would you like me to pray for your wife’. My husband was so blessed by this man’s concern and they prayed together. As they prayed the machines to which I was hooked up started to react dramatically and the medical staff came running. To everyone’s amazement I came out of the coma, furthermore, I was not in a vegetative state as had been predicted! I have been given my life back by the power of prayer!

Jesus is alive! Because of Him and all that He has done for us on the cross, I have been raised from my death bed and restored to my family!