Testimonies from London

I have just received a series of testimonies from one of our Healing Rooms in London that have been collected over a period of time. It is an incredible record of what God has been doing - there are some amazing stories of healing here from cancer, scoliosis, suicidal thoughts and more!

I would strongly recommend you to take some time to read through them and stay encouraged!

"I came to the Healing Rooms with pains on my back and legs. After prayers, my left leg, which was shorter than my right leg, grew out to be equal. I no longer limp. I walk straight! Hallelujah."

"I came for healing prayer yesterday for a viral sore throat infection that I had been suffering from for the past three weeks.  The two who ministered to me prayed for me and the Lord Jesus healed me.  I was coughing no more and my throat felt better.  At last I could breathe."

"Even though I had come to healing rooms needing prayer for something else - one of the ladies standing behind me noticed that my posture was unbalanced as my right shoulder was lower than my left. They continued to pray for it and my hip, shoulder, vertebra started to straighten up. I felt it ever so gently and I could breathe properly as my chest lifted up. I thank you Lord for these Prayer Warriors and the Prayer Team here. I thank you Lord that there is such a place as the Healing Rooms where we can come to when we feel alone. Thank you."

"I attended a healing session recently for painful osteoarthritis in my knees and ankles.  These symptoms have now gone.  The healing was not immediate but over weeks.  Jesus Christ is my Healer and my hope."

"My niece, who is five years old, was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her neck and stomach. She was sent a prayer cloth by the Healing Rooms and has been healed. Praise God."

"Praise the Lord. He has healed a scab/cancer on the side of my face and also healed arthritis behind my knees. Thank you ever so much for your prayers."

"I went to the Healing Rooms for my womb and ankles, since I have had chronic problems with both causing major disruption to my life every month with my menstrual cycle and intermittent difficulty walking because of pain, swelling and stiffness in my ankles. My blood loss, pain and physical exhaustion from my menstrual cycle were extreme, so much so that days off work sick were the norm and diary planning for work and personal life was done around my cycle. After more than 10 years of this and various unsuccessful attempts to address it through strong prescription, contraception and supplements, I am now healed. As I write this I have had two lighter, shorter periods without extreme blood loss, pain or exhaustion. The most I have felt is a dull ache for a day or two, which doesn’t even need pain killers. My ankles are also much better! The weekend after I visited the Healing Rooms was physically demanding and would normally have resulted in me not being able to walk by Monday. However, my ankles were fine! My ankles would also always be stiff in the morning. So, at first I had to keep reminding myself that I could get out of bed normally because my ankles were healed! I am so grateful for this humble, genuine, life changing ministry. Thank you everyone at the Healing Rooms. God bless you and your ministry."

"I want to thank God for you all and for your lives. He will definitely reward you for the works you do in his vineyard (Heb 10:16). I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news tore me into pieces. All my plans for the year was kept aside as I began to fight for my life. I called upon so many men of God both in UK and back home to agree with me in prayer. I prayed without ceasing both day and night. In my church so many pastors were called together to take my case up in prayers. A sister in the Lord told me about Healing Rooms, and I came to agree with you in prayer 3 times. I want to let you know that the God that we serve answers us. I continued to go for chemotherapy in hospital and at a point I was asked to do a check. The mammogram, CT and MRI scans all returned a shocking result to the oncologists and my consultant. There was no longer any trace of cancer on my breast or any other part of my body. As I write, I have just come back from my meeting with my consultant where he decided that I will no longer need a mastectomy, even ordinary surgery, I won’t need again. I am totally healed and in meeting with my consultant and the oncologist they declared my case is a rare one. They were very happy. They advised me to have radiotherapy just to complete the treatment. Praise God with me!"

"My 13 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Scoliosis and had a very severe curvature in her lower spine. The area Lumber 1 to Lumber 4 were very curved and this would in later life have a huge impact in childbirth and labour and the surgeon was very aware of the risk in fusing her spine over this area. I brought her with my wife to the Healing Rooms as I am a great believer of God’s miraculous power of healing in impossible situations. As my daughter was prayed for in the presence of my wife - to quote them
“As I was prayed for healing in the name of Jesus Christ my right leg shot forward into line with my left leg, mums face went white with shock."“As my daughter was prayed for I saw her leg lurch forward, I saw it and couldn’t believe it.” On 5th March my daughter went in for surgery and the Surgeon said that after pre operation X-rays he was “surprised” to say that she no longer needed lower spine surgery to his medical confusion. Praise God"

"Thank you all so much for your prayers and support. The gallstones we have been praying about vanished to the doctor’s surprise. All glory to God."

"When I came for prayer, my jaw had been painful on and off for a few months, whilst biting down. More recently it had become very painful, to the point where I couldn’t sleep properly and became a slow process. The doctor diagnosed TMJ inflammation and told me to take it easy and not to open my jaw too wide as it was clicking when I did that - there was nothing more that he could do. After I was prayed for, I didn’t notice any difference, but I decided that I had received my healing, and just kept thanking God for it. After a few days I realised that I had forgotten about the pain completely and that there was no pain whatever I did, and no matter how wide I opened my jaw. Since that time (about 4 months) it has been absolutely fine."

"A prayer cloth was requested for a man in intensive care on a life support machine. The hospital had given him only 48hrs before switching of the machine. The cloth was taken in to the man. Within 2 weeks he was home."

"After a great time of blessing at the Healing rooms in Spring 05 I asked for a healing cloth for my brother-in-law, who has prostrate cancer. I sent the cloth by post, he was delighted but said “I don’t know what to believe in, but will keep the cloth with me. Last report after a visit to the hospital was that his blood count is normal. Praise God"

"A prayer cloth was sent to man in Australia who had Asbestosis, for which there is no cure. When he received the cloth he put it on his chest. On his next visit to his doctor, he was told that all traces of Asbestosis has now gone - he is completely healed."

"Whilst spending time staying with friends, I was asked to go to the Healing Rooms. I suffered from hay fever and a knee condition that needed “Key Hole” surgery. After prayer for both conditions, I knew the Lord had healed me, my sinus became clearer. I’m going to see the surgeon when I get back and believe by faith that my left knee is totally healed. UPDATE: Went two weeks later to see surgeon for “Key Hole” surgery, and examining my leg he couldn’t find anything wrong.
Praise the Lord!!!"

"I had been experiencing pain in my foot, back, legs and breasts for months. My doctor sent me for a scan and blood test. The scan showed that I had a 4cm cyst on my ovary. I went to the Healing Rooms for prayer and believed that my God had healed me. After a week of walking in faith, I noticed that the symptoms began to go one by one. I returned to my doctors on 16/11/05 and she told me that the cyst was no longer there. Thanks eternally Lord Jesus for Your love and sacrifice."

"I suffered from daily nosebleeds for 2 - 3 years. I got prayer on 22nd February and I haven’t had one since. Also I haven’t had a migraine since and I used to have at least 2 a week. Praise God!"

"Since my pregnancy began the doctor was concerned that my baby would be small, as my first child was only five and a half pounds. They therefore, gave me a series of scans to check the growth rate. I was thirty-two weeks when the hospital found that things were not going well. They thought the baby was small, particularly in the abdomen, which was under the borderline limit for that age. They said they would probably induce me at eight months as the baby was not growing well. They gave me two strong steroid injections to mature the baby’s lungs as they may not be strong enough to undergo birth. They also said I would be likely to have a caesarean section as a natural birth might be too stressful for the baby. I had to start going to the hospital every other day to have the baby’s heartbeat monitored.
My mum encouraged me to go for prayer at the London Healing Rooms. They prayed for the baby and that it would come naturally. I immediately felt at peace. I had my next scan at thirty-five weeks to check for growth. They were surprised when the scan showed the baby to be of normal size and the abdomen above borderline. I was told I would not need any more scans or monitoring. The consultant was happy to allow the baby to come naturally and not return to the hospital until forty weeks or whenever the baby decides to come!
I am grateful to God for what he has done and very thankful to the team and the Healing Rooms for their prayers and love."

"Last week during prayer in the healing rooms my eyes were prayed for. I hadn’t been able to see out of my right eye for about twenty years. But after prayer I was able to see a little and every day since I have been able to see more and more."

"Ever since I was 9 I have suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. I have been on various medications for around 7 years and have been in hospital after suicide attempts. A few months before attending the healing rooms I was given a devastating diagnosis of borderline personality disorder with depression and anxiety. I was told I would remain in day hospital for at least 3 years. After my second visit I was delivered from the spirit of death and anxiety and ever since I have had no suicidal thoughts or self harmed. Praise God."

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