Healings in Dorset

Sometimes, when circumstances prevent or make difficult the attendance of someone at Healing Rooms the team will anoint a handkerchief, pray over it and send it to the person in need of prayer.

In the late spring of 2016 the team at Dorchester sent such a handkerchief to a young girl called Amelie who was totally bound by ME, living in her wheelchair and unable to walk. Amelie had no strength in her body and seemed to have no will to live.

Recently Mike & Beverley Robinson, Regional Directors of Healing Rooms for the South West of England,   received a photo of Amelie.  This shows her standing perfectly straight and holding her pet spaniel in her arms.  She is now back at school and living a normal life. Amelie's grandmother, who sent the photo and whose career was as a senior nurse, uses the word miracle as she describes her granddaughter’s quite remarkable transformation.

Others were praying for Amelie as well as Healing Rooms Dorchester but the team there are delighted to hear that her improvement started a few weeks after receiving the anointed handkerchief.  They do not however take any credit for what has happened but give all the glory to Jesus!

Mike & Beverley also report healings at Weymouth Healing Rooms. Following prayer there, a lady who had hardly slept for eleven  years is now ‘sleeping like l baby’; and  a local Pastor is now free of sciatica after just two visits the Healing Rooms.  He says that he felt the power of God go all over him.

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