Healing Rooms Flitwick Open!

Healing Rooms Flitwick launched at The Lounge Café on November 6th!

"It was so gratifying to experience this day, that a year ago, we thought might never come. It was around then, that our Healing Room Director, Margaret Lim (pictured left) felt God say that He wanted to use the Café next to Tesco, The Lounge, as a place of Healing Prayer… it all seemed so daunting.  But here we are, able to give thanks to God for His faithfulness to us.  We have a wonderful team of volunteers who have all received training from Healing Rooms England and Wales. We come from different church backgrounds but all believe in the God of the Bible, that He loves everyone and demonstrated this by sending His Son, Jesus Christ, so that each of us can have that wonderful, intimate, relationship with our heavenly Father.  Jesus healed the sick when he walked this earth and He told His disciples and followers (which is us) to also go and Heal the sick and set captives free – and that is what we want to do in His name." (Eileen Scott, Co-Director of Healing Rooms Flitwick)

The launch was held outside The Lounge at 1.15 on Wednesday 6th November, where Margaret gave a welcome to the 20 or so gathered there.  A prayer of blessing was then offered by the Revd. Andrea Maffei, Curate at the Parish Church, St Peter and Paul, Flitwick.

As a blessing to The Lounge we made a donation to them so that everyone who came into the café had a free drink.   The prayer team were quite busy praying for people, most of whom were Christians, but still needed a touch from God. 

Café owners Tracey and Chris Darvall, and managers Andy and Chan say “we are happy to support this activity and wish them every success”

We look forward to seeing God at work in our community and trust that many testimonies of healing will flow from this place.

See our opening hours

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