Healed from Leukaemia

I have just received this amazing testimony about a personal healing from a member of one of our Healing Rooms teams!

"When I was diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia (CML), the consultant took me into a locked consulting room with a red light outside.  He explained the nature of the disease and how it progressed.  He told me that if I was in stage I, I had about two years, but if I was in stage II, I had between 8 and 12 weeks.  He added that he did not know which stage I was in and would need to look at my blood cells under a microscope.  He then told me to come back the following day.  When I returned, my consultant did confirm that I was in stage I.  He also repeated that I should plan on two years.

A few weeks later, we went to a pre-planned holiday at Lee Abbey, Devon.  During the Evening Service, on the second Sunday, we had a time of listening to God.  There were several pictures;  then someone stood up and said:  "I think the Lord is saying:  'There is someone here with a blood disorder.  I want you to pray for them because I want to heal them.' "  At which point my wife and I shot out of our seats, several feet into the air.

That was in 1996.  In June 2017, my haematologists agreed to a trial withdrawal of the medicine I had been taking for 15 years.  In May this year, after two years with little or no evidence of the disease over the trial, the doctors agreed that the leukaemia was unlikely to return.  According to the protocol the doctors must follow I must have blood test every three months."

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