Healed Shoulder in Congleton

Due to pulling a muscle in my neck and shoulder I was in tremendous pain. I had worked all day but was close to tears with the pain, so I went along to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee and asked for prayer.

Two of the team prayed for me and invited the Holy Spirit to come! They placed a hand on my shoulder and prayed healing and alignment in the Name of Jesus. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 how bad the pain was. It was a 10 when I arrived, but by now it was a 6, so they prayed again for more! I immediately felt a deep sense of heat like a heat pack had been placed on my shoulder and I felt a moving sensation in my shoulder, I was amazed how quickly the pain had reduced I was now about a 2 and just had minor discomfort but a real sense of peace.

By the time I got home the pain had completely gone!!!

It was a very simple procedure but very powerful. When you pray in the Name of Jesus, it’s amazing what can happen!

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