Crohn's Disease Healed in Hillsborough

 We have recently received a wonderful testimony of healing from the Healing Rooms at Hillsborough:

I got diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 13.  It has been an embarrassing 20 years of invasive tests, horrendous medications and the feeling that my body is sabotaging my life. 

As a Christian who has always believed in and sees the power of prayer, this was not my first time of asking God to heal me. I have had a couple of times when I thought something had happened and I (stupidly) stopped medication, and inevitably got ill again a few months later.

I decided that if God was going to heal me of Crohn's He would get to it when He was ready.  

One day in 2017:   I was in Hillsborough for a chiropractor appointment.  I was booked in for another colonoscopy the following day.  Things had been really bad and my doctor had wanted to hospitalise me but I asked her to wait till after the test. 

I felt strongly that I needed to go into Costa.  I really wasn’t thirsty and it was too close to payday to really justify it.  But I had time on my hands, so I went in anyway and bumped into my old school friend's parents. I went to say hello and they explained that they were there as part of the Hillsborough Healing Rooms and would I like some prayer?

I never refuse 'cos you never know when God might move so I said yes, not really expecting anything and having to watch the clock so I didn’t miss my appointment.

The prayer was very much my kind of prayer, not showy. We were in a coffee shop after all!  We just chatted with God and with each other. It was pleasant and I felt encouraged but I didn’t think much about it other than that I now had peace when before I had been anxious and fed up at the prospect of another flare up.

The next day at my hospital appointment I went through the usual routine of being prepared to be wheeled into the exam room.  The staff were their usual soothing selves but we all expected to see that I had a lot of inflammation in my colon.

Between the deep breaths and sucking on the gas and air (very liberally) I heard the doctor exclaim “Wow! everything looks so healthy, I really was not expecting to see this!”

I stopped sucking on the gas and air and asked what he meant. I was told that there was a small patch of inflammation but it was very small and contained to one area. There was nothing at all to explain why I had been so ill the week before and more than that, my colon had not looked this healthy in 20 years!

After the test my nurses repeated the good news. I hadn’t misheard.

 A few months later:  Part of me didn’t want to share my testimony at first, because I wanted time to test the reality of it. That time has passed and now my doctors are working towards a medically approved reduction and change of medication. It will take a few months but I am following their instructions to reduce and change my medication to less intrusive ones.

I have not been feeling ill and run down the way I was before the prayer and even though there is still some more healing to be had, I know that things were bad and now they are not. Praise God.

I’m going to keep praying for my full healing but I am so thankful that a flare up got stopped in its tracks and my medical team are stumped! I keep explaining that I got prayer but they struggle to accept that God is healing me. In the meantime, I have been able to keep working, keep living and have so much more health and hope than I had before I met the Hillsborough Healing Rooms.


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