In 2013 I wrote, and doodle illustrated a 52 paged limited edition A4 book in colour,
some call it a manual which I prefer to call it by name, ‘SWORDTALK.’ Written and illustrated entirely by hand as it was testament to my hands and shoulders being healed of severe arthritis, by my personal physician, Dr Jesus, but particularly my hands!

At one time both my hands were so painful and stiff I couldn’t use them because of shooting, crippling pains. The skin cancer mountain on my right hand also responded and obeyed “The Faith Words” spoken over it, and to it, and a cross appeared exactly where the skin cancer was! Downloaded by the Holy Spirit from heaven! It’s all in the book!

During the Healing Rooms Conference in Glasgow, in 2013, 100 copies sold out before the start of the conference! I was told by a publisher CEO at the conference that ‘SWORDTALK’ was unique and it was just what was wanted! He said it would sell out before the end of the conference. He was quite wrong! ‘SWORDTALK’ sold out before the ‘start’ of the conference!

That’s that, I thought to myself. All done and dusted, I thought to myself! Then in 2018
I learned that two copies of SWORDTALK had found their way to Dallas Fort Worth!
A local pastor there was so fired up about what he read that he’s invited myself and Beverley to go to DFW in November, to be interviewed about SWORDTALK, and about healing, in front of the whole church, and in front of a camera! We understand that a radio programme and a few other meetings have been arranged for us too.

Six years ago I thought ‘SWORDTALK’ was well and truly dead and buried. Six foot under! Then I was recently reminded, yet again, that there is no resurrection without death!! A few copies will be for sale at Northants, but please take into account that SWORDTALK is only a limited edition!

Mike Robinson

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