National Conference 2018

An inspiring and blessed time was had by all at the HREW National Conference 2018. Please continue to send in feedback and testimonies!

Some testimonies of God moving at the conference:

"I received words of knowledge that brought healing from pain and a prophetic word from BSSM, which utterly confirmed what had been happening in my life. I came on Friday morning leaning heavily on 2 sticks, by Saturday I had 1 stick, and by Sunday, no sticks. I am so grateful to our wonderful Father and our big brother Jesus. The people were all very helpful and friendly and, even though I had only been part of Healing Rooms since November, I was part of the family and I know I belong."

"It was the most amazing time for me with words of knowledge and prophecies, not only from the Bethel team but also from other Healing Rooms members."

"Paul Clift had just led the workshop on prophetic. People were encouraged to receive words from God and share from the front. One of our team heard “Wetherspoons”. She told us this as we went to find somewhere to eat as it was a break. We agreed that we had better go there then. On the way, two of our team had pains in the knees and ankles, which we concluded was a word of knowledge. 
We got there and there were about 8 of us sat around a table. I went upstairs to the toilet. God spoke reminding me of incidents in toilets where He had showed up and told me the next lady coming in needed healing in her body. I came out of the cubicle and there was this lady. I asked if she needed healing in her body and she looked at me strange. I explained who we were, why we were there and that Jesus heals and spoke about her. Then one of our team said “Is it your kidneys?” The woman said yes. Her name was the name of our team member’s daughter.
She received prayer and was visibly touched by Holy Spirit. She said she felt heady. Then another team member came in and heard a name; this turned out to be her best friend who needed healing for her ear. We gave her bible story of how Jesus healed through others and prayed for her friend. The lady then said that the man she was meeting there downstairs really needed prayer but that she was convinced that he wouldn’t be open to it. He was famous cricket player. 
I suggested we prayed together for him and that she told him what happened to her and see what happens. She came into prayer agreement with us for him. His name was the same as one of our team. For some reason I then gave her our Healing Rooms card. She couldn’t believe it, that our surname is her maiden name!! She couldn’t get over the catalogue of coincidences!
We all went back downstairs. As we were about to leave, I turned around and there the lady and her friend were looking for us. 
The ex-cricket player received prayer. When I asked what for, he said his knee and ankle. So the two that had that word of knowledge laid hands on. Right there in middle of Wetherspoons, with everyone watching. I heard the words “regrets and disappointment”, so put hand on his heart and broke them off. His face was a picture as the words obviously resonated. He was touched. When God touches them with His love, they suddenly pour love out. 
His ankle was completely healed, the knee partially."

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