Testimonies from the IAHM Miracles & Healing Nights

April 2021

A lady was diagnosed with stomach cancer 2 weeks ago, now spreading to other organs.  She felt she was experiencing God’s blessing on her work, so this diagnosis came as a shock, causing her obvious distress.  The cancer was rebuked and we prayed the peace of God to fill her heart.  The team asked her how she felt and she said much more peaceful, and it was evident on her face.

A man was experiencing pain in various parts of his body, which was causing him loss of sleep.  He had been to the hospital and they couldn’t find any cause.  (He had been covered in boils recently but they were now gone).  He said he hadn’t been to a witchdoctor.  We broke off any curses and commanded pain to go and for healing and rest for his body.  A team member led him through Eph 6 putting on the whole armour of God.  We shared Rom 12:1 encouraging him to present his body to the Lord.  He seemed blessed and prayed at the end, and asked God to bless us and the ministry.

We were privileged to pray for a young lady who was suffering from tiredness, exhaustion and fatigue. We uncovered that she had left her job because of toxic relationships that were operating in her workplace. She said she had forgiven the person/s involved and we prayed that no root of bitterness would remain. The scriptures that came Matt. 11v 28 “come all who are weary and I will give you rest” and Isaiah 40 v 31 “those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength” and Psalm 103 v 2-4 “praise the Lord who heals all your diseases” etc. We prayed the Lord’s “shalom” over her and that she would be lifted high above her troubles. We prayed against any chemical imbalance and for joy to be released. We told her several times that Jesus loves her and had His arms around her to bring comfort. By the end of the session her countenance changed from anxious to joyful and she said she felt considerably better!

A gentleman needed prayer for a trapped nerve in his leg together with dizziness, lightheadedness, tension, pains in his neck and feeling like he was about to fall over. The Lord gave us a picture of a pressure cooker. We suggested he put his hand on his neck/spinal column, prayed for the spirit of infirmity to leave and for his body to come back into God’s rightful alignment. The Lord prompted us to ask about his job. It came to light that he was a computer engineer who worked from home and spent hours pouring over a computer. We prayed for release of a trapped nerve, and against RSI. (repetitive strain injury) and suggested he start to take breaks from the computer. His countenance completely changed by the end of the session from being quite subdued to talkative and cheerful. He said he felt vastly improved!

We prayed for a lady who hasn’t been able to move her knee properly since childhood and when we prayed for her she said she felt warmth up and down her leg.

Another lady said she’d lost her family members at young ages to aids, she has fibromyalgia and her father who is a pastor is suffering from arthritis but as we prayed for her I was trying to get a response from her but she could only say that she was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t speak so God was really touching her and healing her heart – I encouraged her to come back next month etc

The first lady wanted prayer for endometriosis.  She had a tearful release of emotional pain when a member of the team broke curses over her life.  She said she felt burdened and heavy before prayer and a release of peace and joy at the end.

The second lady wanted emotional healing.  She was encouraged by prayer about the armour of God and applying His word to her life.  She felt a release of love and joy.  She was clapping the Lord.

The third lady wanted prayer for oppression and loneliness.  She had a tearful release of emotional pain and her face lit up when she was invited to join in with an online church.


March 2021

A lady from Australia, the only Christian in her family. She asked for prayer for her family to become Christians. Also prayer for her Mum with eye problems and her brother-in-law with a knee problem. When we had finished praying, her face was glowing with the Holy Spirit and it was wonderful to see.

A lady from Nepal but now living in the UK. She asked us to pray for healing for her 5 year old daughter, who had curvature of the spine. She has had an operation and wears a brace. Mum prays and reads the Bible every day with her daughter.  We led mum in a prayer of repentance for generational curses and commanded any powers of darkness from the past to leave her and the family. She said ‘Amen’. Then we invited mum to put her hands on her daughters back and prayed for the spirit of scoliosis to go and chains to be broken. We lifted trauma from birth off of the daughter and prayed for healing and release from all paralysis and pain. The little 5 year old could move her neck more easily, and bend her back and could sit up straighter than before!  Praise the Lord.  She said she felt improvement, stiffness had gone.  The little girl smiled and thanked Jesus for her healing – We encouraged mum to thank the Lord Jesus every day for the healing. She has been before, feels there is progress and is planning to come again next time.

A lady from France who is running a ‘Life Skills’ business.  She said this is a Christian Ministry and she wanted prayer for wisdom and guidance in dealing with clients. We  had a picture of a compass and scripture Prov. 3: 5-6 and felt that the Lord will use His Word as a ‘road map’ as she deals with people. She was encouraged.

A Lady from Indiana US who has had 90% healing from a skin condition but wants the other 10%, plus being free from allergic reactions and problems with her teeth and gums.   We felt that she needed to ‘bathe in the river flowing from the throne room’ as in Ezl. 47 and try to imagine doing this.  That all these ailments were connected.  We saw a picture of her with a ‘chain of gold’ around her neck giving her dignity and believe a ‘mantle of protection was placed around her shoulders’.  She is expectant for her healing and will let us know of developments.

We prayed for a lady from the USA, for healing relating to lyme disease and mobility right hip side.  She said she could feel waves of oil gently coming over her and through her hip.


February 2021

A lady from Lebanon.  She was an enthusiastic Christian who wanted her husband and son to find their way to Jesus and go further with Him.  We started to pray, only to find him sitting in front of the screen. When we asked if he wanted to go further, he was so keen.  It was utterly amazing to be there with him as he accepted the prayers and blessing, we offered him and the whole family. Also prayed for the lady’s sister, who has schizophrenia, to be healed in Jesus’ Name and for her to find Jesus herself as she is so hostile at present.  Prayed for her future life with Him. The lady and husband left so full of smiles, it lifted our hearts and blessed us greatly too.

We prayed for two couples – We first prayed for the wife who had cerebral palsy and a pain in her lower back. Whilst praying she said she could feel the Father’s arms around her. They both felt that there was a strong presence of Jesus with them – We then prayed for the husband, who had a trapped nerve in his lower back giving him sudden shocks. Whilst praying he said that the niggling pain had completely gone away!!

We prayed for a lady and her daughter. They had both been prayed for before by IAHM previously and the mum was having a scan she had previously had a cancer diagnosis. The daughter had some anxiety issues over her Mum. We declared hope and healing over them. They were both incredibly grateful for prayer. An update on this, the mum does not have cancer, thank you Lord Jesus, we give you all the praise!!

We had a lady from Essex who was in serious pain from shingles. As the team prayed her pain level dropped to 5 out of 10 and after further prayer it dropped to 2. You could see a significant difference in her in her countenance as she received prayer.

One of the prayer team asked for prayer as two of the three nerves giving electric pulses to his heart were not working. This often left him tired especially after carrying heavy things, he had frequent chest pain & often felt hungry in the last nine months particularly. The Team prayed for him and he reported that apart from slight warmth & peace I did not feel anything. Before going to bed he thanked Jesus for healing him. Next morning all were symptoms gone, PRAISE GOD! He is very thankful to the team for their prayers.


January 2021

We saw a lady with shingles, relieved and happy.

A lady suffering with anxiety, bleeding gums and acne, blessed and feeling God’s presence.

A man with back problems, jumping off his seat shouting not pain, no pain, I am healed, I have no pain!

A lady with multiple health problems, including a compromised immune system, laughing uncontrollably as she felt the fire of God in her stomach. She was brimming over with thankfulness to God and the Holy Spirit.

A lady burdened with complex work related issues, said that she felt that her burden had been lifted.

A lady with Covid19 wanted freedom from fear, healing and protection for her family. She felt that her breathing was improving as she was receiving prayer.

A lady suffering from severe arthritic pain in her feet, hips and hands, felt so much better after prayer – Her face was radiant.


November /December 2020

Here’s a testimony from this Saturday night, back in October we prayed for a young lady who had severe ulceration of the lip at the site of a previous injury. The wound was very painful and caused her to have difficulty speaking, which is a real issue with her job. She had been on various treatments to no avail. Her camera wasn’t working so we weren’t actually able to see her whilst we prayed for her healing. On Saturday night by God’s divine coordination the same lady popped up in my breakout room. She recognised me from before and reported that her lip was now completely healed which in her words was a miracle. Praise God!

We prayed for a team member who had chilblains and by the time we’d finished the session he felt they had almost gone.

We prayed for a mum and her son. He had a neurological condition which caused him to fit. There wasn’t an obvious change in the boy but we sensed the Mum receive hope.

The other lady we prayed for was on behalf of her Hindu friend with stage 4 liver cancer. There was an expectation for God to do something amazing as the lady’s Mum had been healed of cancer. We prayed for salvation, obviously the greatest miracle.


October 2020

These testimonies are a sample from some of the healings that took place on the IAHM Miracle nights and were reported by the prayer teams. Individual prayer takes place via breakout rooms in Zoom.

We prayed for a three year old boy who was in a wheelchair – he could not speak either. As we prayed he responded so positively. His face came alive and he made noises and kept turning his face to his Mum. She said, ‘Just listen to him, he doesn’t make noises like this!’ It was so good to see Jesus connecting with this little boy.

We prayed for a young lady with a blood condition. As we prayed she started laughing and laughing, then coughing. We encouraged her to cough it out!! She looked radiant. She was given a scripture which was the same one she had written in her journal that morning.

Another lady was given a word of knowledge about a disruptive home and marriage relationship which turned out to be right. She received prayer for this as well as the physical issue she presented us with. Which to us was probably symptomatic of the home situation.