Testimonies from Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee

The testimonies in this group are a selection from those that resulted from prayer at some of the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee. The testimonies shown are written in the words of those that received healing, the names have been changed. We give praise to our lord and Saviour for all these healings.

Healing at a Wedding

This took place at a local wedding where some members of the Healing Rooms Prayer Team were present.

Just to say how blessed and amazed I am at the instant healing of my left hand yesterday when you both prayed for me. Since November 2019 when handling a mass of decking, the area around my left thumb and forefinger has hurt a lot and in recent weeks really aches and especially when I lay down to sleep.

Last evening as you were praying, I felt a mild different sensation in the hand and then the constant pain was gone. It felt good holding the steering wheel as we drove home. A couple of times it suddenly tried to give a bit of pain, so I commanded my hand that it was healed and my brain that all trauma of the hand was gone.

It is great, thanks so much and when I went to bed there was no pain, the first time for months! So praise be to Jesus our healer and thanks to Healing Rooms for your prayers.

June’s Story Revised

I went to Costa Coffee where the team member who listened to me was aware of my situation. I was in a very difficult place with work and she offered to pray for me.

I had an injury to my arm which meant I couldn’t do my job properly. The management wanted me to go back to an area where I would need the use of my arm and wrist. I could do bits of the job but not all of it. I went back but from some others there who were doing the heavy lifting and hoisting it felt like they resented me. As I was having prayer from the team member, they said they had a word that God would make a way where there wasn’t a way. When I explained about how people had been talking to me and their attitudes she prayed and she had a word that God would still the mouths of those who rose up against me. Another team member gave me two encouraging words from Isaiah about God standing for us. After the prayer I felt at peace.

I work at a care centre 2 days a week. The next day my boss called me into the office and said that we’ve had a discussion and decided that there was another part on centre where the service users were more able bodied and they didn’t need personal care. She said that we have come to an agreement where you can go there 2 days a week and work with people who are more able which was an answer to prayer. I got another interview for a job which was an answer to prayer. God opened two doors, the first job they’ve offered me is a position I need to think about a bit more. God has just moved in my life and he’s taken that anxiety away. I was able to go into work and stand up for myself.

Then I went to a healing service at church and I went forward for prayer. My arm started to feel better and since that time it’s gradually improving. At this service God gave a word that he was singing over me and that he had hold of me which gave me a heck of a lot of peace and I feel that God is doing a new thing in my life.

Chloe’s Story

A number of month’s ago my uncle Glyn underwent medical tests. The results of a psa test had a very high reading which confirmed the possibility that he had prostate cancer. A friend of ours suggested going to the Healing Rooms so they went along to the Healing Rooms at Talke and “Stood in the gap” on Glyn’s behalf as prayers were said for his healing. Prayers were also said for his healing in our local Church.

When Glyn went back for a consultation, 16 weeks after the first diagnosing of a problem, the muslim doctor who we met said the tests now showed a psa level of zero and that any indication of prostate cancer was completely gone. You can imagine our relief. We went into the consultation at 9:35 am and came out at 10:00 am walking on air, praising the Lord for his goodness.

Helen’s Story

I was in severe and constant pain due to arthritis in my hip and was unable to walk far. At a church service members of the Healing Rooms team came and talked about the work of the organisation.  After the service I had prayer for my hip. During the prayer time I felt a warmth in my hip and the pain went.  I am now able to go walking again.  Praise the Lord!

Bella’s Story

Our two year old cat “Bella” had developed little sore patches on her back which were slow to clear so we went to see the Vet and after giving her an injection for that she went on to check her general health.  She discovered a severe case of gingivitis where her whole mouth, gums and teeth were severely inflamed and full of infection.  I saw the look of horror on her face and for a young cat this wasn’t good. She suggested we take her the next day for a full extraction but then warned that although the teeth had gone, the inflammation could takes months to clear and could have spread to her kidneys.

We took her home and hot footed it to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee.  We just knew we had to pray into this and that God loves his creatures and knows how precious they are to us. I dissolved in tears and the prayer ministers were lovely.  They prayed into the situation and lifted off the shock and trauma.  I was amazed at how the Holy Spirit led them to pray for specific things which brought such peace into the situation.

The next day she had the procedure done and the good news was they had managed to keep 4 front teeth but the rest had gone. She warned us that the recovery time could be lengthy and not to expect too much. However we knew God was in control and we believed for a positive outcome! Within hours Bella was eating and more or less back to normal.

We took her back the next day for a post op check and the Vet couldn’t believe her eyes   The inflammation in her mouth and gums had completely gone.  She said “now that is a miracle”! What a good, good Father we have.

Team Member’s Testimony

At a recent local Church prayer meeting I became aware that one of the attendees was in considerable discomfort and I felt prompted to pray for them. The leader was following the usual format for the meeting so I decided to pray for this person whilst the other prayer topics were being dealt with. The person in discomfort was sitting about 1.5 metres from me at the other end of a settee so I merely held my hand towards them with the palm facing them and prayed silently for Jesus to take away the discomfort and bring healing.

Towards the end of the meeting another person prayed for someone else at the meeting at which point I was thinking ‘we should be laying hands on that person’.

When the meeting finished I asked the person who I had silently prayed for if their pain had gone. They said “Yes”. I said that I had prayed for them and they replied “I know”. This was interesting as generally the attendees prayed with heads down and eyes closed!!  I then went on to say to this person that I felt we should be praying and laying hands on the other person who had been prayed for. They replied “yes”.  I then approached this other person and asked if they would like us to pray and lay hands on them. Again, a positive response, so we both laid hands on the individual and prayed for their healing.

Five days after this meeting I spoke with the second person we prayed for to ask how they were feeling. They replied that they felt fine, their chemical imbalance had stabilised and they had been discharged from the clinic they were attending.

Richard’s Story

THURSDAY (11th July 2019) I discussed with a friend what new plants I’d like in the garden. Decided I would quite like lavender, on the other hand I can’t smell them.

SATURDAY (13th July 2019) went to training course at Flitwick Healing Rooms. At one stage the leader said, “I think there are people here who need their sense of smell restoring”. Three people put their hand up, including me.

Unfortunately, the conference seemed to go on for a very long time. (I am ancient.) So, I went home early missing the ministry.

SATURDAY NEXT (20th July 2019) I met Healing Rooms colleagues in Northampton and one lady said her sense of smell had been completely restored and she could smell the first time in 9 years when she was at the Flitwick conference. Obviously, I was delighted about this.

I then noticed that a newcomer to the group had brought three pieces of lavender which she placed on the table next to us. She asked if I would like them…. I said yes but why have you brought them? She replied God told me to. I picked them up and, of course, no smell. I put them in my pocket.

We then moved on to a different area. I took out the lavender ……..  I was totally amazed to realise I could now smell them. What a lovely miracle.

What an amazingly gentle way God did it!

Anne’s Story (2019)

Whilst out walking I felt a sharp snap sensation in my calf muscle and intense pain. The minor injuries unit confirmed I’d badly pulled the lower muscle and told me to rest and take painkillers. However as the week continued the pain got worse and I went to the doctor and they said not only was my muscle damaged but my veins were enlarged and possibly infected around that area.

The next day I went along to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee where I had prayer. There was a real sense of expectation as they started to pray. They broke off the shock and trauma and commanded the pain to leave and muscles to be restored in Jesus name. I immediately felt a heat in my leg and my leg relaxing. I tested it out and realised I had more movement and less pain but still in some discomfort. They prayed again and I left. Later that evening at home I completely forgot about my leg and ran up the stairs for something …! then realised I had no pain whatsoever in my calf muscle – praise our God the great Physician.

George’s Story

A couple of weeks prior to the 2019 Conference we came to the Healing Rooms at Costa in Congleton and I had prayer for my eyes. I have Glaucoma which is degenerative and not reversible. I had failed an eye test for DVLA and lost my driving license.

During April I had an appointment with the eye consultant and he declared there was no further decline. Thus encouraged I booked another DVLA eye test (at my own expense) and was able to do quite a lot better and made an appeal to DVLA.

In May we were on holiday in Wales (my wife doing all the driving) and I sensed God tell me to book another eye test, so I did. Well what a surprise, when we got home there was a letter from DVLA asking me to book another test! This one went even better and I achieved 119 out of 120! Finally last Friday I received a new driving licence.  Praise God!

Ken’s Story

I visited the Costa Healing Rooms team in Congleton early in 2019. My elderly father had been living with prostate cancer for some years and my younger brother had recently been diagnosed with the same type of cancer which had unfortunately spread to his bones and lungs. I’d been having a few of the same symptoms and thought that I’d better get myself checked out too. Blood tests and doctor’s appointments had progressed to a consultant’s visit where I was told that things didn’t look right and scans and biopsies would be needed.

With the prospect of a couple of month’s worth of anxious waiting ahead of me I decided to ask for prayer from the Healing Room team. They were very friendly and sympathetic and prayed with me, asking for God to be with me and with my family during this difficult time.

The months spent waiting for results was not easy but I did very much feel that I was being supported and that God was walking beside me and would be with me whatever the outcome. I did not feel afraid and was able to cope with a busy work and family life. When I recently received the ‘all clear’ I felt that it was a real answer to prayer. My father is still stable and my brother’s treatment has been working very well, he is now pain free for the first time in two years.

Karen’s Story

I visited the healing rooms shortly after the arrival of my first born. I was experiencing dizzy spells which made it very difficult to care for my newborn baby. I was anxious to carry him for fear I would drop him. I visited the doctors on numerous occasions where I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, I was given medication which had no affect at all. I struggled for a couple of months before deciding to attend the healing rooms at Costa Coffee. Admittedly, I felt reluctant and a little apprehensive but was instantly put at ease by the ministry team who showed a real unjudgmental compassion and a true heart for God. Once the prayers had ended, I stood up (dizzier than ever!) feeling disheartened that there wasn’t an instant healing. ‘Patience and trust’ God told me. The next morning, I awoke to stillness… I hadn’t recognised this sensation for a long time. I had been healed!! To this day (5 years on) I have not experienced another dizzy episode.

Catherine’s Story

The  excellent ambulance team spent 45mins trying to resuscitate him, which was very traumatic for me, as with a nursing career, I knew he had “gone”, but they have to follow a protocol.

30yrs ago, I became carer to a 28 yr old man who came in to our surgery having a mental breakdown caused by severe sexual abuse in his childhood. I befriended him as he was very lonely having walked away from his family and friends. Over the years he was included in our family activities. 8 months ago he fell ill and was admitted to hospital and was on life support for 4 months. I visited him most days until he died.

So both men in my life – my husband and friend had gone. I felt quite traumatised and bereft after this double bereavement and discussed it with my sister, who recommended a visit to the Healing Rooms. Eventually I went and was warmly greeted by the HR team who offered me a welcome cup of coffee.

After listening to my story, and a little discussion, they gently prayed for me and read appropriate scriptures. My tears flowed and I got the shakes-the Holy Spirit was starting the healing process in my innermost being.

During what I thought to be the final prayer, the phrase “deliverance from strongholds” was used, which reminded me of my upbringing in a condemning and controlling church environment which has been a negative influence on my relationship with God. After some unexpected discussion on this subject, they again prayed into the situation, and now a month later my relationship with Jesus has deepened, and I feel much more accepted by Him.

I am very grateful for the ministry of the Healing Rooms, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others — God bless you all in this work.

Paula’s Story

I was admitted to Hospital on Saturday 12/01/19, with high fever (102 deg F +), signs of liver infection and inflamed lymph nodes. The doctors were unsure of what was wrong and I was kept in for 5 nights under observation. After x-rays, CT scans, an ultra sound examination and being on a saline drip and antibiotics, I was eventually diagnosed with glandular fever.

During my time in hospital I reached a very low point – not sleeping, with a continuous high fever and suggestions that perhaps there were more serious underlying infections. I went to the bathroom to speak to the Lord and I heard him say: “Do not be afraid, I love you; you belong to me and you will live with me forever”. In that moment I felt so loved and so grateful for all that Jesus had done for me. His love overwhelmed me. I felt motivated to pray for the other women on the ward and asked the Lord for opportunities to tell them about Him.

I was discharged on Thursday 17/01/19. However, the fever continued. My health was still deteriorating but the doctors thought I would be more comfortable at home as they could do no more than wait for the symptoms to subside. Things got worse. I developed a rancid sore throat and an itchy, burning rash that covered my entire body. My face and eyes were swollen, I could not stand up easily, had no energy and walking up stairs left me breathless. By Thursday 24/01/19, one week out of hospital, I was still in a bad way. However, I knew that the Lord was with me and that I was being held up in prayer. On that day a friend messaged me to ask how I was, and I told her in detail, she came straight back to me with “You need a miracle and we will pray for one”. Just hours after I spoke to her, my GP sent me back into hospital. I saw another consultant who did more blood tests. The results came back that my liver function test showed an improvement, although they had expected the opposite. The consultant prescribed medication for the rash, after which I returned home and slept 7 hours that night. The next day the fever left; the rash was beginning to fade; the swelling in my face had gone; my body had stopped aching and I was able to get up and walk around without pain. My lovely hubby said this was a miracle. The Lord had intervened and the awful symptoms were gone.

My GP has prescribed 5 weeks bed rest because my immune system has been severely compromised by the virus and it may still be infectious. I am so thankful to Jesus my Lord, and Saviour.  May he always be the King of my heart.  A massive thank you to all for their love and concern and grateful thanks to all who prayed for me. Thank you Lord Jesus for the break through. Thank you also to my faithful friends for your love and support, together with all those in the Healing Rooms Team at Costa who have stood with me throughout this difficult time. Finally, thank you to my church family and the Elders of New Life who also held me up in prayer.

Angela’s Story

I had problems with my right eye from November 2012, causing bad pain on and off, and once, for a whole day, I wasn’t able to see out of my right eye at all.  Eventually after several trips to the GP and to the hospital, a problem was identified with the cornea in my right eye (the front part of the eye), diagnosed by my optician and also a hospital consultant.

The pain was caused when my eyelid stuck to the front of my eye during sleep and when I opened my eyes on awakening, my eyelid removed some of the cells from the cornea.  I was told that the problem was incurable. The symptoms and pain could only be managed by medication. There was also a risk that it could get worse. I was given eye drops, ointment and 3 months of antibiotics. I was told that later on I might need laser treatment, but this could not cure the problem, only reduce the symptoms. I was unable to tolerate the antibiotics so I did not take them, but I regularly used the drops and ointment.

In November 2017, I attended a Costa Healing Rooms training course for people interested in ministering at Costa Healing Rooms. At the last session we divided into small groups around tables, drinking coffee as if we were in the coffee shop. At each table were two people (the prayer team members) and one client who needed prayer. This was a ‘practice session’. I was one of the clients and I asked the team to pray for my eyes. At first nothing seemed to change and then a few weeks later, I realised that I was using the daytime drops less and less. It seemed that I did not need them. I still carried on using the ointment at night though, but had very little pain. In January 2018, I went back to my optician, who told me that the cornea in my right eye was completely normal. In addition, for the first time ever (and I have been wearing glasses since the age of 10) my eyesight had improved! I give thanks and praise to the Lord for all He has done for me.

Robert’s Story

I have been a member of the local Healing Rooms team that meet in the Costa Coffee shops and have been blessed by some really sound teaching as part of our training programme.

This is my story – In October 2017 I developed a pain in my left hip, this was subsequently diagnosed as a torn Glute muscle and physiotherapy prescribed. The physiotherapy finished in March 2018 but the pain persisted, further examination suggested a dislocation of the sacro-iliac joint, this was pushed back into place and further physio suggested. During May the pain got worse and was travelling all the way down my left leg. At this point the physiotherapist suggested I should get an MRI scan as there were possible stenotic changes in the pelvic area that were causing the pain. The MRI scan was arranged through my GP.

At that point in time I had come upon a book that was suggesting the primary creative force in nature was sound. This was based on the fact that when God spoke the earth was created (Genesis). This resonated in my mind with some teaching that the Healing Rooms team had had on declarations and prophecy. With this in mind as part of my morning devotions I started to prophecy healing into my pelvic area by speaking this out.

Within a week all pain had gone, praise God for this healing and the lesson to be learned from this.

Graham’s Story

I was experiencing some quite uncomfortable lower back muscular pain which was restricting movement and being able to sleep.  It also prevented me from playing and enjoying squash as fully as I like to.  This was very frustrating and painful.

Three people from my local Healing Rooms prayed for my back. There was a warm sensation where one of them had placed their hand on my back.  I immediately felt partial relief from the pain and discomfort.  They prayed again and there was further improvement.  I had a much better night’s sleep and when I awoke the next morning the pain had gone! Praise God!  A big thank you to the people who prayed and for being available to be used by God.

Gemma’s Story

Our daughter gave birth to our first grandson recently and he had to have immediate antibiotics due to an infection they both contracted during labour – he had to have assistance when he was born and carefully monitored in the hours following . Although my daughters infection markers dropped and she started to recover ,the baby’s however shot up to dangerous levels ,  meningitis was mentioned and a lumber puncture if the situation didn’t improve , we immediately contacted the healing  rooms teams that evening with a prayer request for our grandson – we needed divine intervention and praise God that’s exactly what happened!

The very next morning , we believe ,as a direct result of prayer his infection levels had dropped from 16 to 10 which was out of the danger zone , the doctors we’re amazed and from that moment on he started to strengthen , feed and respond normally, they were allowed home the next day .

Praise God for His Healing power and also for healing the emotional scars of the traumatic events for my daughter they are both thriving now!

Peter’s Story

I visited you for healing prayer at Freeport, Talke, with an IT Band Syndrome which had been brought on by my constant pounding of the pavements in training for this year’s London Marathon. I felt every ache and pain in the weeks leading up to the marathon, and the constant feeling that my body wouldn’t allow me to finish the race.

During your prayers you had a word that I was on a mission for Jesus and that he would help and support me. Well what can I say!! Although nervous on the morning of the race, I absolutely smashed it and every time I felt a little pain or negative thought I just kept reminding myself that I was on a mission for Jesus.

I finished the race pretty much pain free, but a little sore for a couple of days afterwards. I completed the 26.2 miles in 3 hours 48 minutes and raise over £3,500 for the MS Society. In total all the MS Society runners that day raised over £695,000 which is amazing.

I Just wanted to thank you and your team for the gifting Jesus has placed within you and felt your prayers really made a difference. Keep up the excellent work & calling on your life God Bless Peter.

Megan’s Story

Due to pulling a muscle in my neck and shoulder I was in tremendous pain, I had worked all day but was close to tears with the pain so I went along to Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee and asked for prayer.

Two of the team prayed for me and invited the Holy Spirit to come! They placed a hand on my shoulder and prayed healing and alignment in the Name of Jesus. They asked me on a scale of 1-10 how the pain was, it was a 10 when I arrived by now it was a 6 so they prayed again for more! I immediately felt a deep sense of heat like a heat pack had been placed on my shoulder and I felt a moving sensation in my shoulder, I was amazed how quickly the pain had reduced I was now about a 2 and just had minor discomfort but a real sense of peace.

By the time I got home the pain had completely gone!!!

It was a very simple procedure but very powerful when you pray in the Name of Jesus it’s amazing what can happen!

Tony’s Story

I went to Costa Healing Rooms, at Talke (Stoke-on Trent), for prayer with a painful foot problem that I had had for about 2 months. I had been to the doctors but they just said I needed to rest. So I asked for prayer as it was making walking difficult and painful, affecting both feet.

During the time they were praying for me I felt a slight sensation of pins and needles in the balls of my feet and afterwards there was a big improvement but I didn’t dare to think the pain had gone.

The next day the pain had reduced by about 60 to 70 percent. I began to thank God for the healing and within a couple of days the pain had gone altogether.

Joan’s Story

I am a regular visitor at my local Costa. Sometime ago I visited when the “Healing Rooms” were present. For weeks after that I watched their presence with great interest. I then started talking to the Group. I was so impressed when they explained their wonderful work. They are all truly lovely, dedicated and committed people who offer people wanting comfort through simple prayer. It doesn’t matter who anyone is, their gender, race, religion, age and reasons for needing comfort. Everyone just blends in together comfortably chatting over coffee. Having now retired from a long-standing career in Public Service, it has been my privilege and pleasure to support people in need. Sometimes people find it very difficult to share a problem with their families, friends or other persons, and would feel so connected in a low-key situation they wouldn’t find challenging.

One day I asked the Group to say prayers for me. I had been unwell and felt quite distressed. Immediately I felt the warmth, comfort and re-assurance of their prayers. I was given a little wooden cross to keep bearing the words ” Believe – John 3:16?, this re-enforced their message of joy, peace and hope. Later I reflected on their words and thought isn’t this what everybody wants in their life. I now hold this cross in my hands when I say prayers every evening before I go to sleep. Not only did their prayers help me tremendously it made me focus on those three words. I would say to anyone who has worries, ill-health or whatever distress in life – there is no need to feel alone. The “Healing Rooms” are there for you. Just visit a Costa during their attendance and you will be given a very warm welcome”.

Alison's Story

In recent times my granddaughter and her parents, who are divorced, were having a difficult relationship.

One Thursday evening I went to the Costa Healing Rooms and asked for prayer about my granddaughter’s relationship with her parents. What I didn’t know was that on the very next day (Friday) my granddaughter, who had been staying with me, told her mum she didn’t want to go home.  Her mum said to come home in order to talk the situation through.

My granddaughter said she wanted me to be there.  Her mum said she would also ask her dad to be there as well. I was very apprehensive as I knew matters could become heated.

Along with the prayers of the night before at Costa I prayed before I took my granddaughter home.  As we went through the door at my granddaughter’s home I asked God to go in with us.  I felt such a peace there, there was no shouting, they just sat and talked.  God knew about the situation before I went to Costa, but through those prayers the road was made straight.  God cares about every aspect of our lives, including our family’s relationships.

Rebecca’s Story

Several months ago I noticed some stiffness in my fingers.  Eventually the fingers became so painful that I could no longer grip a pen or operate a manual tin opener.  I decided something needed to be done because it was so limiting.

I went to see the Costa Healing Rooms team. They were very welcoming and put me at ease and listened as I told the story of my predicament.

They prayed with me and afterwards asked if I could feel anything different.  I had to admit I couldn’t!  However, over the next few days the pain and stiffness slowly went away. I am now absolutely free of pain and stiffness and can say that I have complete use of my hands as before.

David’s Story

I would like to tell you my story about one of our training sessions for the healing rooms.   The training sessions are times when we come together as members of the healing rooms to worship pray and watch training DVD’s and practice praying and waiting for the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us in healing prayer, in a safe environment.  The session started with worship as normal but then moved on through prayer and words of knowledge from the holy spirit,  it soon became clear the spirit was moving through the room affecting some of the members.  When I was praying with my hands lifted I noticed when I started to relax my arms became heavy and dropped to my side then my legs gave way and I just sat down on the chair behind me.  I was totally at peace and relaxed and just closed my eyes and waited,  after about 5 to 10 min’s in this state I was feeling that the Holy spirit had healed me of something but I had no idea what.   I realized I was feeling warm  even my hands and feet which were always abnormally cool due to a condition of Raynaud’s where you get poor blood circulation usually in hands and feet but also other areas of the body, Raynaud’s  had affected me for many years.

I was telling Katherine one of the other members of the H.R. and said I may have been healed of Raynaud’s, she said she had been healed of this a few weeks earlier and prayed for healing for me.  Over the days and weeks I have not had any symptoms of Raynaud’s  and am usually affected most nights with extremely  cold feet and hands making it difficult getting off to sleep.  I thank God for the healing,  When I was talking to a friend at the squash court I was telling him about my healing he said he suffered from Raynaud’s to so I asked if I could pray for him and he agreed.  After a couple of weeks I asked him if there had been any improvement in his condition and he said he had noticed a big improvement  in his symptoms Praise the Lord

I believe that God has healed and restored my hands through the ministry of the Costa Healing Rooms team. Praise God!

Jane’s Story

For several weeks I have had increased pain in the muscle tissue in my back, and at times it has been almost too much to bear.  I have had prayer from the team previously over this issue. I had overheard one of the prayer team say that sometimes it’s not always the symptoms that need the prayer but there can be an underlying factor – citing an example of holding on to unforgiveness.

I felt that I needed to apply that to my own situation – although I was not aware of any unforgiveness.  So, I knew that I needed to go to Costa for more prayer and I went that evening.

When two of the prayer team were about to pray for me I suddenly remembered that matter of unforgiveness and mentioned this to them.  Two names came to my mind from about thirty years ago.  I was able to forgive, and release them from any judgements I had towards them. I still had the back pain.

The next morning I awoke with no pain.  I was so praising God!  As the day wore on the pain came back, but I was having none of it so I started to take authority in the name of Jesus.

Friday morning when I awoke I was pain free and have been free ever since, today being Monday of the following week. Our God is awesome!!

Amanda’s Story

Here is the testimony of my marathon experience. I have attached a photograph of Japanese runner Makoto Takeuchi. This was taken by the Mental Health Foundation photographer at mile 18.

I was training for the London Marathon this year, my very first marathon, when I ran into injury. My back seized up three and a half weeks before the start date and I could not run at all. I was in a good deal of discomfort and pain. This was a real worry, as I not only wanted to fulfil a lifelong dream, but I had pledged to raise £1700 for charity and I feared that I would let them down. I went to the Healing Rooms in Congleton for prayer. Veronica, who prayed for me, said that she believed that there would be a supernatural cushioning on my back and that Jesus would run with me all the way. Sure enough, miraculously I ran the 26.2 miles with no back problems and felt God’s presence with every step. It was amazing. To top it all, as I crossed the finish line, I looked up to see a guy dressed as Jesus crossing the line just in front of me! What a sense of humour God has! 39,000 people completed the marathon that day and I cross with someone dressed as him. It was as if Jesus said “There you are, told you I’d be with you all the way around!” I have to say that in all my years as a Christian, God never ceases to amaze me. As an extra blessing, I discovered that I’d made it into the ‘one in a million club’. I am the 999,434th runner, to have crossed the line since the marathon began in 1981!! Thanks Lord!!   Hope this will be a blessing to someone.

Jane’s Story 2

Just before Christmas 2015, I began with pain in my back, side and right round the front and under my ribs, beginning very suddenly.   The doctor diagnosed a muscular problem.   However the pain continued right through until beginning April.   I saw the doctor again, had an ultrasound scan, saw the physio and was given exercises, but it still persisted.  In April I visited the healing room at Costa Coffee in Congleton and two team members prayed for me and laid hands on me for healing.   Within two to three weeks after this the pain began to gradually subside and is now hardly noticeable and for this I thank God and for using this team to minister to me.

Victor – a horses’s Story

I came to Costa because one of my aging ponies had become quite ill with laminitis.  This is something he had suffered with before but it came from nowhere and he couldn’t walk and was in a lot of pain.  I came to Costa in Talke to ask for prayer for him as I had been previously and had an answer to prayer for his  brother when he had been ill a few months before.

I explained Victors condition and said I would have to call out a vet the next day and I was nervous as last time they had said it was a possibility he could be put down as he was so bad, he was given a week to get over the worst of it.  Usually after an attack of laminitis the horse / pony has to stay in the stable for at least 8 weeks to prevent damage to the feet and because it is too painful to walk on the hard ground.  This was going to be difficult as he was ill a couple of weeks before the Christmas period and it would have meant visiting 2 – 3 times a day to look after him and Hugo my other pony would have to be locked out of the stable during the day so I was worried about him if the weather turned bad.

After the prayers by the team at Costa I let him out after a week as there seemed little point in keeping him in as he was fine.  There was no permanent damage to his feet and he was galloping around like a mad thing in a couple of days.

God is answering prayers at these healing rooms.  It doesn’t matter how strange your request or whether it is for you a friend family member or pet in this case.  If you are worried about it God wants to help you.

Joan’s Story

I was prayed for at the Congleton Costa Healing Rooms following many months of suffering with eczema on my arms and eyes which were swollen and very sore.

Within a few weeks of being prayed for at the Healing Rooms the soreness had completely cleared up and has not returned.”

B’s Story

In August I was booked to go onto a family holiday and I was going up to the healing rooms on the off chance that my friend from work was going as she was having a rough time.  Before I went to Costa I had called in on my daily visit to see my 2 ponies.  I’ve had my boys for 25 years and although they are still full of life and mischief they are quite old for their breed.  This Thursday I found Hugo had a number or large hard lumps all across the underside of his stomach and up to his chest.  I went into a panic as he has the start of cancer on his tail and I knew I couldn’t go on  the cruise the following Tuesday if he had these sudden tumours.  I had never seen anything like them in all the time I’d been around horses.  When I was in Costa I showed the people there the photo of Hugo and Victor and I asked them to pray for them and asked for healing as I couldn’t have gone away I would never have forgiven myself if something happened while I was away.

I went up over the next few days and by Saturday his lumps had disappeared 2 days before I went away.   While I was away I had a sense of calm I wasn’t worrying about them all holiday and the lumps have never come back since.

I think they may in the end have been caused by some biting insect in the bedding as I treated that after but even if it was that it was still an answer to prayer and I can’t thank the people enough who prayed for him.  It just goes to show that prayer can be answered without the person (animal) needing to go to Costa. I was also pleased by the way people answered my prayer request I wasn’t sure how they would feel about praying for an animal but they picked up on how important this was for me and although it was an unusual request they didn’t make me feel like a nuisance for asking!

J’s Story

I seemed to be caught up in a vacuum of despair and hopelessness.  Hurt and rejection from someone I had respected for thirty years had been the catalyst to promote this state of mind and heart. I had to face up to the fact I was out of control, and felt on a pathway of isolation and sterility in my life.  It seemed impossible to get through this on my own even though I continued to pray for myself.

I visited the Costa Coffee Lounge at Freeport Centre to seek the help prayer from the faithful people at Healing Rooms.

I was received with love and kindness and assured of confidentiality.  After each visit I was filled with peace and reassurance, and it became evident I was moving towards getting through my pain and despair. I had a wonderful breakthrough and my experience was like coming out of prison.

I had my life restored back to peace and happiness. Thank you and God bless all the prayer ministers at Healing Rooms.

Bob’s Story

Last summer I’d agreed to go on holiday with friends before but had never flown. I’d always found excuses not to fly but the reality was that I was scared to do so. As the date of the holiday came nearer I was becoming more and more anxious and worked up. A friend suggested that I go to Healing Rooms.

At first I was reluctant as my ‘problem’ really seemed rather silly but three days before my flight I was feeling worse than ever so decided to go. After receiving prayer I felt much better in myself. Whilst I was on edge for the next couple of days, on the morning of the flight I was calm and then once on the plane was excited and enjoyed the experience in a way I could never have imagined possible. I realised there was nothing to fear and going for prayer and my faith played a big part in this. I’m now planning my next flight!

Claire’s Story

My journey began when I went along to the Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee Freeport at Talke.
I took along a friend for prayer but God had other ideas!! And prompted me to ask for prayer for an ongoing knee injury. It was after the experience of God completely healing my knee through such lovely caring ministry people I started to seek more about the healing ministry.

I heard God saying to me ‘freely you have received so freely give’

During this time of seeking whilst at a Chris Gore healing conference in Manchester I had a complete renewing of my mind-set about healing. I began to realize I was qualified, I did have enough faith, I just had to be hungry to see God heal (which I was) and be open and available and he would do the rest.
It is about relying totally upon the Holy Spirit and not about our own agenda or format when praying with someone. God is the healer.

Shortly after that I attended some basic training sessions for healing rooms which were extremely helpful and inspiring with lots of ‘hands on ‘opportunities along the way. I met with God in an awesome way during that time when he confirmed to me that he wanted me to fully surrender to the journey he was taking me on and that what he was calling me to, he would equip me for.

It was around this time a new healing rooms at costa coffee in Tesco Congleton was opening and I joined the team as a trainee praying with a mentor. That was really beneficial as I was observing with an experienced team member but they also encouraged me to activate all I had learned on training sessions and get involved.

This was scary and out of my comfort zone as we were ‘out there’!! In the market place but I knew God’s grace and anointing would cover every opportunity we had.

It is amazing to see the encounters people have with Jesus when you pray with them. They can come in burdened and anxious often fearful then they encounter the Holy Spirit and you see their face light up with hope when they realize just how much God loves them. They go out completely different than when they came in!

We have seen wonderful outpourings of Gods Supernatural healing power, seeing people healed physically and mentally. It feels such a natural way to pray for people as it’s in an environment people are relaxed with when they come for prayer.
The costa staff are great too, it’s just business as usual for them and we just fit in around them. It is such a privilege being part of this exciting ministry.

Earlier this year a group of us who had been part of the training process were commissioned by Paul Clift (National Director of healing rooms for England)
During a time of worship and thanksgiving he affirmed us to fulfil our great commission from God Matt: 10 v 7-8

‘Heal the sick, raise the dead, and cleanse the lepers
Cast out demons
Give as freely as you have received’

I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone….you never know where it could lead you! And go for all God wants you to be part of.

Charlotte’s Story

On impulse I went to the Healing Rooms at Costa to join with others in prayer for a relative who was undergoing a serious operation in hospital the following day.  These prayers gave me peace about the situation.
As I was about to leave, one of the prayer ministers asked if he could pray with me.  He shared with me a picture he felt God had given him.  His words gave me comfort and encouragement as they confirmed a word I had received in prayer a few days earlier.  I hadn’t heard God speak to me directly for a while and didn’t know why.  These ‘words’ allowed me to rest in Gods presence again, and in that place to hear His voice.
My relatives operation was also a complete success.

Pat’s Story

What a fantastic time I had at the Healing Rooms ministry.
I am to undergo chemotherapy and I went along specifically to ask God for strength for the treatment.
Through the prayer I was wholeheartedly assured that Jesus is healing me.  But God wanted to do something more!  God spoke directly into my heart by one of the prayer ministers.  My anxieties relating to how I am going to manage everything were beginning to weigh heavy.
God lifted the burden and the pressure was instantly removed!! God’s strength and joy and peace followed.
Thanks to everyone who ministers at Costa (my third visit).   God works marvellously through everyone of you!