Spiritual Attack & Release from Strongholds

Testimonies concerning spiritual attack & release from Freemasonry & other strongholds:

Testimony Received Summer 2023

A lady came into our online prayer room in need of prayer. The lady had pain in her eyes, shoulders, and knees, in addition to a peculiar pain in her head accompanied by a hissing sound.  She felt a sense of heaviness over her. She loved God but could not worship or read the bible as the pain on her head and hissing sound would become unbearably loud.  We prayed for her and discovered a root of freemasonry which we broke off and prayed for her deliverance and healing.  Transformation took place before our eyes, the pain on her shoulders decreased, her mobility increased.  The heaviness lifted and was replaced by peace and joy. Her countenance changed, she started to worship so joyfully, we were all blessed and thanking God.

Presence Conference 2021 Day 1

As soon as she came up Papa said it was about a demonic stronghold. She told us she had tinnitus for 2 months now, not an audible audio sound but whistling. She told herself that she was praying with God about the root, she said, she didn’t search the result as not spiritual. A team member
asked if she was on medication, she was; antidepressants. The doctor had mentioned tinnitus as a possible side effect, I felt that demonic effect here. She had tried to build it off when the tinnitus started, which failed, so now she wanted a cure for the tinnitus. We decided to first send the depression away (and ask revelation about that) and until the time that the reduction could not yet succeed, we bind the powers of the spirit of pharmacy that came with the pills. God revealed to us the reason for her depression (past father), she came up with that too (unhealed trauma), we pronounced healing on her soul wounds here. She was moved by tears, grateful too. She experienced a difference of noise from 8 to 2 after our prayers (I asked). I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted zero. I saw one more thing: I saw that the murmurs in her ears were negative words from her father that were not intended for her as a daughter of God. I covered these words with the blood of Jesus, broke them off her and commanded the ears to accept the sound of the peace of Jesus and only that. She hung up with great gratitude.


Presence Conference 2021

A lady from UK. She is a Christian and has been supporting someone with troublesome spiritual attacks and asked for tools to help her minister. She was encouraged to use her neglected speaking in tongues and when asked if she regularly put on the armour of God, seemed not to appreciate the
importance of doing so. She experienced both of these and was overwhelmed with the spirit as she left.

Presence Conference 2022

We prayed for a lady who needed wisdom over a personal caring situation she had been in for 6 months.  It was time to enter the next phase and for an exit door from it to be released.  We prayed for her needs and she received much freedom.  She had seen a rope around her neck and it got broken, it was a spirit of freemasonry.   She said it felt like an angel was in the room helping to release the rope and she felt freedom.  She had an amazing deliverance through the prayers.   We prayed for freedom and focussed on her next phase.  She was very appreciative of our support and prayers into her personal situation.