The Formation of Healing Rooms England and Wales

Healing Rooms England and Wales (formerly NAHR England) – Paul and Eve Clift

In the middle of 2001 Paul Clift heard the Holy Spirit speak to him. ‘Open up the wells of healing’. He didn’t really understand what that meant. Someone gave Paul a print out of the home page of a Christian organisation called Healing Rooms Ministries based in Spokane.

Paul received confirmation of this word in December 2001. He then enrolled on a Healing Rooms training course in Spokane at the end of 2002. It was a time of learning but Paul did not know what was ahead because he thought he would be just opening a Healing Room in Halifax
Paul returned to Halifax at the beginning of March 2002, but there was still a lot of work to do. A training course was organised for October 2002 and many people attended. From this training course the Healing Rooms of Halifax opened at the end of January 2003 which were the first IAHR Healing Rooms in the UK.

During 2003 a lot of changes took place. Healing Rooms started to be formed around the UK and the first Healing Rooms conference was held in Halifax in November 2003. In January 2016 the name changed from NAHR England to Healing Rooms England & Wales – HREW.

During 2017-18 Paul & Eve Clift will handed over responsibility for HREW to Veronica & David Mee as National Directors.

Paul and Eve are the Divisional Directors for Europe South East.