International Association Of Healing Rooms (IAHR) – Cal Pierce

From Bethel Church (Pastor Bill Johnson) in Redding, California in the late 1990’s Cal Pierce and his wife Michelle were led to re-launch Healing Rooms. In July 1999 this was re-started in the same location where John Lake began his work. The Healing Rooms were staffed by a team of intercessors that Cal Pierce assembled and was preceded by a huge prayer effort by the team and supported by the local Churches. The work was immediately successful and within a short time Cal Pierce was taking two conferences a month, being booked a year in advance by other churches wanting to spread the Healing Rooms across the United States and Internationally.

Healing Rooms were opened in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Korea and other parts of the world. This led to the formation of the International Association of Healing Rooms which provides connections, tools, training and support for all other Healing Rooms although they are each an independent organisation. There are currently over 3,000 Healing Rooms in 76 nations worldwide.