Testimonies of healing from organs disease from Healing Rooms:

“My story started with me feeling shivery, so I went to my room for a lie-down in the afternoon. Later, I must have tried to get up but was so weak I collapsed on my bedroom floor. Luckily, my family heard the thud, found me, and called an ambulance. When I got to the hospital, they said I had pneumonia. I was in intensive care as my kidneys had stopped working. My kidney function was zero. The doctor said I would need 4 hours of dialysis 3 times a week. Eventually I was allowed out of hospital but still needed to go back for regular dialysis. Lots of people were praying for me during this time. My kidney function slowly started to improve: first 2%, then 7%, then 10% – but I still needed dialysis. When I was well enough, I went to the Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee, Freeport, to ask the team to pray for me there. About 2 weeks later when I was at my regular dialysis appointment, the doctor was surprised to find my blood test results showing my kidney function had jumped up to 96%. I would not be needing any more dialysis! After being so poorly I know this is a miracle.”

“A lady who came to the Healing Rooms with a bowel problem where it had not functioned naturally for 20 years – she was instantly healed! The consultant appointment was for a few days’ time and when she went, they were going to discuss the operation to fit a permanent colostomy with her – however she told the consultant that she had had normal bowel movements for the last 2 days. On examination the consultant found that she was completely healed, he was amazed and couldn’t explain this.”

“I visited the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee and had been experiencing pain in my stomach. The team were understanding and friendly and prayed for me. I felt relaxed and a calm feeling came over me. Later that night the pain had eased, and I had a good night’s sleep. Next day the pain slowly disappeared.”

“I had a damaged stomach lining, and my body could not break down fat in foods. It got to the point where I could hardly eat anything. I came to Healing Rooms and they prayed for my healing. I forgave people and prayed for healing. The next morning when I woke up for the first time in 4 years, I did not feel unwell and my stomach did not feel like a washing machine. I started eating the foods that had made me ill and kept eating them! I wasn’t ill anymore.”

“I came to the Healing Rooms in crisis! I had a swollen stomach which was very painful and nauseous! After 20-30 minutes with them praying for me I felt well enough to go back to work. I was able to work pain free and with no nausea. Thank you, Jesus, and thank you Healing Rooms!!”