Online search

Online search
All money raised from this initiative will go to support Healing Rooms in poorer nations.
Instead of using Google or Yahoo or other well known search engines, use the link below for your searches. Every time you do a search Healing Rooms England & Wales receives ½p. You can put into your Favourites or use the link below.
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Although the amount raised by each on-line shop or search is small, it is surprising what can happen over a year. If you only did an average of 5 searches per day you would raise just over £9 in a year. If there were 1,000 people using this system regularly, that's £9,000 just from searching. Add to the searches all the on-line shopping, and the amount gets much larger.
The more people use the system, the more we can bless others. Why not ask your friends, family, church members etc to help out. It doesn't cost them anything, just a few extra seconds to sign into their account.