The Year of the Peacock - 2018

Paul Manwaring shared a prophetic word with us at the National Conference about how “It’s the year of the Peacock!” The word highlighted awakening, watchfulness and royalty and in particular that 2018 is the year that the peacock will take flight and the glory of God will be seen.

Since then there have been a series of confirmations of that word at HREW Head Office. These have been so remarkable that we felt that we should share them here, as we feel that it is significant for Healing Rooms across the country. As Paul said – it is clear that God is up to something!

You may remember that Ray Scorey (one of our Regional Directors) had brought a card with a peacock on it to the conference because the Holy Spirit had told him to. When Paul spoke about peacocks, the reason became clear and Ray brought the card to the front for Paul to see which was the first exciting confirmation of Paul’s word.

A couple of days before the conference, Veronica Mee (one of the National Directors) had found a peacock feather on the ground. She put it in her car and had forgotten about it by the time of the conference. So, very soon after, she found the peacock feather in her car.

Nearly two weeks after the conference, David and Veronica (National Directors) were visiting two of the Regional Directors and they noticed a hotel called the Peacock, which was founded in 1652. Around this time, a man named George Fox was beginning to travel the length and breadth of the UK, founding the Quaker movement and bringing revival. Since the early days of the Reformation, the church had emphasized the truth of God’s Word, but George Fox was the first reformer to emphasise a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit and make it a regular practice to pray for people for healing. He saw many healing miracles in his lifetime! We believe it is significant that God prophetically brought us to a date where the gifts of the Spirit were being liberated again in this country.  “The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10). Stories of what God has done in the past (testimonies) reveal what is in His heart to do again (prophecy).

After praying on team at Healing Rooms in Stoke two weeks after the conference, Veronica and myself were driving home and saw a huge bird fly (yes, fly!) into a tree. As soon as we realised that it was a peacock we stopped the car and took some photos. One of the significant parts of the word that Paul brought was that 2018 is the year that the peacock will take flight. I am a bird-watcher in my spare time and I have personally never before seen a peacock fly – they are domesticated in this country and normally have their wings clipped, I believe. But this peacock flew and we were there to see it fly, as a prophetic symbol of what Paul prophesied to us – the peacock will take flight this year!

One of our local team pointed out that peacocks made the news that same week:

In the months that have followed, we have been seeing peacocks everywhere. We have seen several more round our local area that we have never seen before. Another member of our local team found a white peacock in her church's car park recently, while yet another team member who attends a historic Anglican church, found a male peacock displaying its feathers in his church's graveyard. Neither of these have any idea how the peacocks got there. 

All that I can conclude from this is that God is still highlighting this word and we are being encouraged to take it very seriously!

In my own research I discovered that the peacock is a well-known Christian symbol, particularly in the Eastern Church, where it is seen to represent the Easter season (the time when our conference was!) and immortality. I believe the symbol of immortality represents the fact that what God is doing in the church today will be a lasting work. It will not be something that appears for a season and then peters out. I believe this ties into the prophetic words that we have had before about a revival that will not end.

Paul spoke about visiting Bishop Stortford, where he saw a lady with a picture of a peacock on her top and the phrase came to mind: “this is the year of the peacock”. However, shortly afterwards he found a prophetic blog that wrote about the year of the peacock.

I have written out Paul’s description of the word as shared at the conference. He was describing and quoting this word that he read on a prophetic blog:

“Last year the Lord gave me an encouraging word for 2017. At first I was disappointed, because it was about 2017 which it named ‘the year of the peacock’ and I thought that I had missed it by a year. But He explained to me that, symbolically and prophetically, the peacock means awakening, vision, watchfulness and royalty. When the peacock displays its tail-feathers it is a glorious sight, it is elegant, beautiful and glorious. The patterns on the feathers look like eyes, the colours are a rich blue.

“I was reading this blog and thinking, ‘Does this really fit?’ There was a reflection that last year lots of people, lots of God’s kids had been sick last year in accidents, financial needs etc in her circle and she had seen more of that than ever before in 30 years of knowing God. But God has turned it all around (Romans 8:28). These circumstances have caused us to pursue Him more, to go to the very roots of our beliefs to dig into the Word of God as He continues to bring us forth His gold and He continues to prepare us for what’s coming. God’s given us eyes to see the link to the peacock. Radical dreams, visions and expectations.

“God wants to make a display, like peacock feathers display His glory – a display of Himself, a display of His goodness, a display of His kindness. He so loved the world. Then – she goes on to say this, which is the bit that I think is encouraging – this year, 2018, I can see that the peacock takes flight, meaning that the display of God’s glory will be seen in ever-increasing measure in the nations. We have been called to disciple nations.

“I don’t know what you think about what’s going on, but God’s up to something. There is a hunger, there is an expectation. Specifically here and I extend that to Europe. I am a British European – that is not a political statement, it is a statement of the continent that I believe I will see in revival in my lifetime.

“It is time for us to be incredibly encouraged!”

At HREW Head Office we feel that this is a significant word for us and we are seriously considering what it means for us to ‘take flight’ as a ministry individually, locally and nationally.

If you feel that God is speaking to you through this or if you have any further prophetic insights to offer, we would love to hear from you.

Many blessings

James Dixon, National Administrator


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