'SwordTalk' - Testimony of a Miraculous Healing!


Many of you at the National HREW Directors meeting in Northants, in November, purchased my book. Thank you. Since then Cal Pierce has endorsed it, so has Steve Hepden and Veronica and David Mee. Furthermore, I have just received confirmation that a huge US publisher wants to market my book globally. All the profits will be sown into the Kingdom of God and so please buy as many books as you like!

Very soon after the National Directors meeting, Beverley and I were invited to be interviewed at a church in Southlake Texas, they wanted to know why I had written SWORDTALK. Why? Because with severe arthritis gripping my hands I couldn’t! I couldn’t even hold a pen! Jesus is still The Healer, He healed my hands! He most definitely hasn’t changed His name to I was! He’s still very much I Am! On account of my hands being free of pain and my writing hand working properly, I was able to write and illustrate SWORDTALK entirely by hand as a “Thank you Jesus book”!

The interview in Texas, in front of the church, lasted for about 27 minutes, we were then invited to pray for anyone who wanted to come forward for prayer. A very long queue formed rapidly, starting at the front of the church and trailing out into the foyer! Many were visibly touched and wept during ministry, mostly the men!  The pastor said that he’d not experienced anything like it in the ten years that he’d been pastoring this church!

All sixty of my books sold out during our visit to Texas. Some pulled $100 bills out of their pockets and bought five books at a time! Back in England we now have a number of meetings, that have been organised for us to be interviewed in the same way that we were in Texas. Please bear in mind that Texas was never on our radar for a visit!! As I write this article, we have received two validated testimonies of healing form Texas so far, as a result of Beverley and I SWORDTALKING! We believe that others are in the pipeline!

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