Europe Shall Be Saved Summit 2018

David and Veronica, National Directors of HREW, attended this summit in the Netherlands at the end of last year. If you have any questions or want to hear more, please contact us.

The main points of the summit are set out below:

  • ESBS Vision – The vision of ESBS is one movement of people from all backgrounds to see the gospel of Jesus Christ change Europe.
  • ESBS Mission – The fundamental tasks of ESBS are to empower the existing Christian initiatives in Europe and to stimulate the creation of missing elements to reach the goal of at least one hundred million new disciples in Europe.
  • ESBS is a multi-confessional movement with the goal to mobilise the whole church, people from all backgrounds and denominations, to see a harvest on this continent and to see the gospel of Jesus Christ change Europe. Everybody is welcome to join in.

ESBS Key Statements

  • Unity – Do together what we can do together
  • Gospel – Share the good news
  • Hope – Declare “Europe shall be saved!”
  • Presence – Pray and believe

How Can you be Involved

  • ESBS vision in Europe is not just the job of some very talented specialists. We are all invited to assume our part in this mission, each of us with our unique gifts and resources.
  • Our desire is that all Christians in Europe respond to Christ’s mandate and are mobilised in prayer, in proclaiming the gospel, in discipleship and in building healthy communities. Some have a ministry of generosity, others a ministry of prayer, others the burden of sharing their faith with their neighbours etc. Everyone is invited to take their share of salt and light in Europe and serve the King of Kings. What are you gifts? What are your callings?

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