ELA 2019: Healing Rooms heads to Bradford

We were blessed by the welcome we received from our hosts at the ELA Conference, held in Bradford at the end of July 2019.

The Healing Rooms stand was given a fabulous location in the main entrance hall, and every delegate attending the conference walked past us to access the main conference hall.

Arriving at the conference on the Monday morning, the first sight that greeted me was that of the Healing Rooms Team waving from the stand on my left, and Bill Johnson browsing the bookstore on my right! This was just the beginning of three days in the presence of God, and we were hungry to receive all that He had for us!

God’s favour was with us and there was a huge amount of interest in our stand; many conversations and loads of literature was taken away.

The journey for the Healing Rooms continues and is gathering pace; people get ready – JESUS IS COMING!

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