National Leaders Conference - Northampton 2019

Healing Rooms Leaders Day Northampton - November 02/11/19.


“Those who truly love me are those who obey my commands. Whoever passionately loves me will be passionately loved by my Father. And I will passionately love you in return and will manifest my life within you.” John 14:21


Morning Session:


Saturday morning after the opening notices, the worship was led by a young man named Isaac, this young man led us all into the throne room and the Lords Presence filled the room. Folk brought words of knowledge, prophecies and we had an amazing time in the Lord’s presence worshipping him and hearing from him.

Mike Vickers, from the Stronghold Church, joined us for the day, his relationship with the Lord, and his trust in God’s Word is always encouraging and often challenging. Mike believes that we are on the verge of a breakthrough, and that revival is coming! He believes that the Father is calling his people to get ready!

In the morning, Mike encouraged us that if we will go and scatter the seed of the word, the Lord of the harvest will follow with his plough, and we will see men, women and children come to know Jesus. That we must speak to the Lord of the harvest, and depend on him only, and he will protect our lives and make them fruitful. That we should give God our burdens in exchange for rest, Jesus freely gives us his peace.

We must be passionate about the things that the Lord is passionate about.

Mike reminded us that Jesus took a stand against those who tried to make a profit of Gods goodness, freely you have received now freely give. That the cross became the table of exchange, we no longer need a religious building – Jesus has opened a way for us to access the Father anywhere, we are no longer restricted to a temple, or any building.


Afternoon Session:


Mike encouraged us to believe that God will provide, he spoke on 2 Kings 4:1-7 (The widow and the oil). Encouraging us to look at what we have in our hands and that we should, expect God to bless and multiply it. How faith enables the Father to give you all that he wants to give you, like the widow go beyond your disappointments, and say “I believe in a Good God” disappointment is the biggest killer of faith, lets not let it rob us of all the our Good Father has for us!

Our God wants us to trust him and have a fierce faith in his ability to act, Mike reminded us of Nathan 1:7, how the response of the King in striking the arrows on the ground only three times, lacked faith and passion! How much that grieved the Lord’s prophet, because that passionless response meant the King did not receive the fullness of blessing that was available to him. A passionless response can cost you everything!




  • God always keeps his promises, trust him

  • If God asks you to go, then go, he will be with you!

  • Expect God to help you, no matter how bad the situation appears, you are God’s child and it is well with you! Don’t let what you see with your eyes and hear with your ears control you, Jesus will give you his peace, in his peace you will rest. God will be with you in the fire and he will walk you through it, our God can and will move mountains for us!

  • Lord Jesus will never leave us or forsake us, NEVER!

  • The enemy will come against us, but no weapon formed against us shall prosper, we are safe in the hands of our Father, secure in his promises.

  • Mike shared that he believes we are on the brink of revival, and that our God is on the move! We know that when our God moves there is NOTHING that can stop Him.

  • We were encouraged to be ready, as the Father has been preparing His Bride, he has shown us his Fathers heart for us, he has revealed his overwhelming, never ending, reckless love, he loves us with a love stronger than death, he has impacted us, gifted us, fed us, and shown us that he is for us.

  • In response, will we love Him enough to give up our comfortable lives, enough to want to know what's on his heart, enough to spend time with him, enough to seek him just to know him more, and not for the stuff we want? Do we love Jesus passionately, do we love this Son of the ‘Most High God’, who held nothing back in order to call us his own?

  • Mike reminded us that we are not part of a Country Club with strong moral values, we have been adopted by a loving Father, and the price for that adoption has been paid by Jesus who gave himself for us.

  • Jesus is passionate about us! He is our redeemer, our friend, he is closer than a brother, our future, our strength, our source of life, our inspiration, our light in dark places, our fortress, our anchor in the storm, our safe place, our shepherd, our sacrificial lamb, our provider, our healer, our restorer, our peace, our source of joy, He is the Lion of the tribe of Judea, the Son of the Most High God! He is looking for a people of passion who will live for him and tell the world how much he loves humanity, how he wants to be in relationship with them, and bless them.


I hear the rhythm of the Lion of Judea! People get ready Jesus is coming!’


Mike believes that body of Christ is on the brink of a huge break through, that there are multitudes in the valley of decision! JESUS is calling us to love him and others with passion, to pray with a passion to care about the poor, the broken, the needy, the hurting, the lost, the hungry and the thirsty, with passion. Mike shared a scripture from 2 Kings 13:18 ‘Then he said, “take the arrows”, and the King took them. Elisha told him “Strike the ground”. He struck it 3 times and then stopped’. Mike explained that had the King struck the ground repeatedly with passion, then God would have destroyed all his enemies. The only passion in our lives that should consume us is the will of the Father, he has partnered with us, may his love and passion for the lost fill our hearts!

We live in exciting days may we know the Fathers heart and lift the name of JESUS above everting in our lives. The best is yet to come, together let’s kick the junk out of our lives and make more room for the King of Kings!


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