Multiple sclerosis

Testimonies of healing from multiple sclerosis from the Healing Rooms:

“Back in 2008 I was diagnosed with relapsing and remitting Multiple Sclerosis.  I had 2 incidences which I recovered from reasonably quickly and then nothing happened for a few years and I thought I had seen the last of it.  But about 4 months after I had my daughter, I had another bout, I had pins and needles permanently in the bottom half of my body and it felt weird walking and the pins and needles would shoot up my leg when walking.  Previously the symptoms had gone by 6 weeks and so I waited and I started getting better, but then I caught a bad cold and it got really bad. Walking became really difficult and it was a mental challenge to walk.  It took a lot of energy and effort to move about and I lived in a flat and had to get up 2 flights of stairs to get home. The medical consultant explained to me that I would need to take daily or weekly injections to keep the disease at bay.  I had been sent a number of books to read and had to decide which injection to take. I just didn’t want to do it.  I wasn’t ready in my mind to resign myself to ‘owning’ the disease. One day I remembered that my mum went to the Healing Rooms for prayer about her health issues, so I thought that I would visit and give it a go. So, I went along one Monday night and I was so pleased.  It was such a lovely and welcoming atmosphere and I felt immediately at home when I saw a friend from my church.  I wrote down on a form my details and what I wanted prayer for and I didn’t have to wait long before I was called for. I went into a room and there were 3 people who asked a few questions and then prayed for me.  One of the team prayed about a spirit of infirmity and I immediately felt different.  I wasn’t miraculously healed there and then but I did get better very fast after that day. I chose not to take the injections and have been free of it ever since.  I believe that God has healed me.  I would thoroughly recommend the Healing Rooms, whatever the situation, even if you are a sceptic, if you are sick go there and get prayer.”
 J has been free of MS ever since- over 7 years now!