Moving in Miracles and Healing by Jean-Luc Trachsel

Moving in Miracles & Healing

A Powerful Guidebook to Operating in the Miraculous.

Jean-Luc Trachsel


Miracles and healings are for today and for every Christian!  Some think that operating in the miraculous is difficult, challenging or reserved for a select elite group of Christians.  That is not Biblical.  Miracles and healings are the inheritance of every believer in Jesus – both to receive them and operate in them!  Jesus demonstrated and taught about healings and miracles when He lived on the earth.  When we invite the real Jesus to live in us through the Holy Spirit, He will do these same amazing works through our lives.  We will step into the supernatural realm by faith and see the miracle-working power of God before our eyes.

International healing evangelist, Jean-Luc Trachsel teaches you simple, practical, and Biblically-based revelations on healing that will empower you to walk in the supernatural as an everyday lifestyle – not just an occasional occurrence.  He also includes Appendices with Scriptures, topical studies, and Biblical references of healings and miracles.

Jean-Luc started praying for the sick when he was sixteen years old.  Today, after more than three decades of supernatural power encounters, he offers insights, personal experiences, biblical foundation, extraordinary testimonies, and practical instruction that will inspire you to believe for and experience miracles in your life!

In Moving in Miracles and Healing, Jean-Luc Trachsel empowers you to overcome every barrier and see the supernatural break in as the Holy Spirit teaches you Kingdom of God principles that truly work.

Here are a few of the simple, but powerful revelations you will discover:

  • Encounter Jehovah Rapha, the God Whose very name is Healer.
  • Discover the legal foundation for healing that will help you build unshakable faith for the miraculous.
  • Operate in the realm of Kingdom Demonstration where you shift from being an ordinary believer to a Kingdom-minded ambassador.
  • Move in the realm of faith where you learn how to pull the possible into the impossible.
  • Be led by the Holy Spirit and partner with His unique healing methods for each situation

Don’t settle for less than the miraculous!  Unlock the simple keys to moving in the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit and see the Kingdom of God break into your world!

Book Review

I believe Jean-Luc Trachsel is the most recognized minister of healing in Europe who has been praying for the sick for decades.  I met him probably 25 years ago and was taken with his stories of miracles and his understanding of and commitment to the ministry of healing.  He has been used to fill the cathedrals of Europe once again, with the people standing on the sidewalk outside not able to enter because the church building is full.  A man of passion, understanding, compassion, and zeal for the Kingdom of God and the Church.  A minister who has experienced the gift of faith.  A faithful servant of our Lord Jesus Christ who is teaching others how to be faithful to the Great Commission.  Moving in Miracles and Healing is a must read for those desiring to obey the command of Jesus that His disciples would heal the sick.  I consider it an honour to recommend Jean-Luc, his ministry, and his new book.


Overseer of the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, President of the Global Awakening Theological Seminary

In Moving in Miracles and Healing, Jean-Luc Trachsel shares decades of experience in healing ministry.  Jean-Luc is a spiritual son and one of the most passionate people I know, with a deep love for God and people.  His desire is for every Christian to live out what Jesus taught us:  loving the lost, healing the sick, and working together in unity with the whole body of Christ.  We believe together that we are not called to cut down our brothers and sisters, but to radical, self-sacrificing love.  Jean-Luc has been a catalyst working for unity, desiring to see every believer live a supernatural and self-giving life.  I pray this book would inspire you to partner with the Holy Spirit and love the church around you more and more deeply each day.


Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board, Iris

Jean-Luc Trachsel is a dynamic evangelist and a wonderful servant of Jesus.  His new book Moving in Miracles and Healing will bless you and challenge you to engage in healing ministry.  Jean-Luc’s eyewitness accounts of the supernatural and his unique perspectives on the Word of God encourage the reader to experience the miraculous and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit in radical obedience.  Jean-Luc’s life backs up his ministry and emanates a loving, winsome grace that has allowed him to touch thousands of people for Jesus.  Your life will be transformed by this exciting new book!


President, Oral Roberts University, Chair, Empowered 21, Chair, Pentecostal World Fellowship