Mental Health, Depression, OCD & Emotions

Testimonies of healing for mental health, depression, OCD & emotions from Healing Rooms:

We had a young woman who came to the Healing Rooms.  She came for several weeks and each time we could see that she was getting better.  She suffered from depression and stress.  She told us that coming to the Healing Rooms had made such a difference to her.  Her mother told us that she was taking an interest in her appearance and her brother could not get

We had a young man who came through the door.  He saw our sign outside saying we were open and he said that he was not going to come that way but felt drawn to come in.  The Team prayed for him and he was so different when he left.  He had been hurt in the Church but so pleased to speak to people who knew what he was talking about.

“I was in terrible emotional turmoil on having to go to court. However, after prayer at the Healing Rooms, I had the strength to go to court – where the case was overturned in my favour.  Praise the Lord!”

“In recent times my granddaughter and her parents, who are divorced, were having a difficult relationship. One Thursday evening I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee and asked for prayer about my granddaughter’s relationship with her parents. What I did not know was that on the very next day my granddaughter, who had been staying with me, told her mum she did not want to go home.  Her mum said to come home to talk the situation through. My granddaughter said she wanted me to be there.  Her mum said she would also ask her dad to be there as well. I was very apprehensive as I knew matters could become heated. Along with the prayers of the night before at Costa I prayed before I took my granddaughter home.  As we went through the door at my granddaughter’s home, I asked God to go in with us.  I felt such a peace there, there was no shouting, they just sat and talked.  God knew about the situation before I went to Costa, but through those prayers the road was made straight.  God cares about every aspect of our lives, including our family’s relationships”

“As you know, I was very distressed when I came; finding it extremely hard to cope with my son’s aggressive behaviour. I needed to hear from God, but God could not get through to me, because of my distress. That was the reason I came to the Healing Rooms. I appreciated the time given to me to ‘let it all out’ and cry.  When you prayed for me, the word you had from God for me was ‘Rest’.  You said God wanted me to rest in Him.  When you said that to me, it made me, initially, more distressed as I thought that how can God ask me to rest when there was chaos around me and I could not cope with it. Through a series of coincidences, I ended up going to see a Spiritual Director, who repeated the same thing to me!  I knew then this was a word for me from God.  The Spiritual Director led me to Contemplative/Centring prayer, where I am learning to ‘rest’ in God, no matter what is happening around me.  

The unconditional love shown to me at the Healing rooms and the word you had for me, has changed my whole outlook on life.  Even though I thought resting in God was impossible for me to do, God led me to finding out what ‘rest’ really means and that He loves me so much that He has shown me the path of how to rest in Him, despite me not believing that rest was possible.

I will pray for the Healing Rooms, they are essential! I thank God for all of you; you are making a big difference and are greatly appreciated!”

“My housemate was murdered by another housemate and I found his body. A few days before I had said something horrible to him. From this day I did not sleep properly, waking up in the middle of the night, eating food to make me feel better. I hated myself for saying these words because they were my last words to him.

A few years later, I felt like I was a waste of space and lonely. I wanted to self harm.  Suddenly, the words “Healing Rooms” came to mind and I had to go no matter what. I did not know where Healing Rooms Cardiff was, so I went on the Facebook page, texted Chris who was running it and waited. I messaged a couple of people who may know and phoned Chris – still no answer. So, I decided there was no point, but despite this I still had a voice telling me “Healing Rooms”, so I decided to just walk out of the flat and walk anywhere. I got 3 mins into my walk and Chris contacted me. I was so relieved, and I went. During prayer, suddenly, I could feel my heart pumping, my eyes just filled with tears. All I was hearing was something along the lines of “write down on a piece of paper what was blocking me from being near God, then it was going to be ripped up into tiny pieces.” I had a lump in my throat, I wanted to scream not write it down. But somehow with shaky hands I wrote down that I told my housemate to drop dead a few days before he was murdered, I hated myself, I blamed myself. I handed it over and hid my head, so I was not showing my tears. With my elbows on my knees and my hands covering my face I watched the leader rip each piece of paper up. I was so tired because I had not slept properly since 2011, I eat so much to punish myself – it was finally out and gone. I could not stop crying. Then the team prayed over me. Suddenly, I felt so calm and peaceful in my head. I went home, got into to bed and I slept so well that night. Two weeks later I have slept every night from the time I lay my head on my pillow to the time my alarm went off.”

“One visitor to a Healing Rooms training event told us that she feels completely free from the trauma of her dad passing away, after receiving prayer.”

“A man came to the Healing Rooms a number of times in 2011 to receive prayer for depression and OCD. The nature of the OCD was that he had to write down names and numbers wherever he saw them; on TV adverts, passing vans, names of people he met, and any numbers mentioned by them. He accumulated very many notes of all the names and numbers and was unable to make himself get rid of them. He was also unable to do several things such as watching TV for fear of seeing numbers which he would have to write down. After three or four weeks of prayer he reported that the depression had greatly improved. He continued to receive prayer for the OCD and then stopped coming. A year later he reported that he had gradually been healed of the OCD and said ‘I can now watch TV and if I see anyone in town and don’t remember their name I don’t have to worry about it anymore. I have (nearly) got rid of all my notes, of everything in my pockets. I shredded it all’.”

“Norman (name changed) is a much loved 6-year-old boy, who has learning disabilities due to a near cot death experience when he was 2 days old. He had been a late developer in everything he has done, struggled with temper tantrums and hyperactivity, which means he does not sleep very much. When Norman began hearing ‘voices’ just after Christmas, I became overly concerned, as he said they made him do bad things and at this time his behaviour was appalling, and his schoolwork became quite poor. I then heard of Healing Rooms and was asked if I would like to take Norman. I thought extremely hard about taking him as he was only 6 years old, but as I found strength from my faith, I knew it was the right thing to do. After Norman had received prayer, I noticed a difference immediately and for the first time ever, that night he said he was tired and slept right through the night! Since then Norman’s behaviour has improved so much, his schoolwork has improved, and he won a trophy at school for his achievements. Although Norman may always have some difficulties, each day seems to improve for him and us as a family. We are all so much happier and incredibly grateful for the love God has shown us.”

“Ever since I was 9 I have suffered from depression and anxiety disorder. I have been on various medications for around 7 years and have been in hospital after suicide attempts. A few months before attending the Healing Rooms I was given a devastating diagnosis of borderline personality disorder with depression and anxiety. I was told I would remain in day hospital for at least 3 years. After my second visit I was delivered from the spirit of death and anxiety and ever since I have had no suicidal thoughts or self harmed. Praise God.”

“I came to the Healing Rooms in knots, not trusting to share and didn’t want to write why I had come on the sheet.  I guess I was ashamed; that I was consumed by anxiety and fear.  I went into the prayer room, stood in the corner, and did not feel I deserved to be there.  The gentleman who ministered to me saw my fear and depression and “empty tank”.  With my eyes looking down and closed, I admitted where I was at.  The lady prayed over someone in my life controlling me.  She led me to renounce fear, control, and anxiety.  I prayed word-for-word after her; the words control and fear got stuck in my mouth, but she was so patient and there was breakthrough.  I came out feeling light, “un-knotted”.  I can no longer feel anxiety and fear and if it comes again, I know how to deal with it in the name of Jesus. Thank you.”

“In October 2014 I started having panic attacks and terrible anxiety. I had panic attacks every day and felt terrible all the time. My heart was beating so fast that I was put on beta blockers. They were helpful to start with but as time went on, I got lots of side effects. I was sent to have cognitive therapy but found it made me feel so much worse. The only thing which helped me was when I came to receive prayer at healing rooms. Every time I was prayed for, I felt so much better until I felt like I had recovered. Prayer was the only thing that helped me. I thank God for healing and the ministry here.”

“For many years I had suffered from depression, it was very variable but was tolerable. However, in February 2009 it became so bad that I went to the doctor. He confirmed I was depressed and gave me some medication. Although there was some relief, I was now constantly depressed and became really fed up with being in this state all the time.
I decided to go to the Healing Rooms in July and received prayer in the name of Jesus. The depression lifted and therefore I decided to return to the doctors. The doctor examined me and found that the depression had gone and took me off of the medication. The doctor asked me which church I attended, so I told him. I am feeling so good now and I am so pleased to be free of taking medication. I am thankful to the Healing Rooms for their prayers and to Jesus who healed me.”

“Last summer I’d agreed to go on holiday with friends before but had never flown. I had always found excuses not to fly but the reality was that I was scared to do so. As the date of the holiday came nearer, I was becoming more and more anxious and worked up. A friend suggested that I go to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee. At first, I was reluctant as my ‘problem’ really seemed rather silly but three days before my flight I was feeling worse than ever so decided to go. After receiving prayer, I felt much better in myself. Whilst I was on edge for the next couple of days, on the morning of the flight I was calm and then once on the plane was excited and enjoyed the experience in a way I could never have imagined possible. I realised there was nothing to fear and going for prayer and my faith played a big part in this. I’m now planning my next flight!”

“I seemed to be caught up in a vacuum of despair and hopelessness.  Hurt and rejection from someone I had respected for thirty years had been the catalyst to promote this state of mind and heart. I had to face up to the fact I was out of control and felt on a pathway of isolation and sterility in my life.  It seemed impossible to get through this on my own even though I continued to pray for myself. I visited the Costa Coffee to seek prayer from the faithful people at Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee. I was received with love and kindness and assured of confidentiality.  After each visit I was filled with peace and reassurance, and it became evident I was moving towards getting through my pain and despair.
I had a wonderful breakthrough and my experience was like coming out of prison. I had my life restored back to peace and happiness.”

“5 years ago, my husband of 49 years died suddenly from a cardiac arrest while watching tv. The excellent ambulance team spent 45mins trying to resuscitate him, which was very traumatic for me, as with a nursing career, I knew he had “gone”, but they must follow a protocol. 30yrs ago, I became carer to a 28 yr old man who came into our surgery having a mental breakdown caused by severe sexual abuse in his childhood. I befriended him as he was very lonely having walked away from his family and friends. Over the years he was included in our family activities. 8 months ago, he fell ill and was admitted to hospital and was on life support for 4 months. I visited him most days until he died. So, both men in my life – my husband and friend had gone. I felt quite traumatised and bereft after this double bereavement and discussed it with my sister, who recommended a visit to the Healing Rooms. Eventually I went and was warmly greeted by the HR team who offered me a welcome cup of coffee. After listening to my story, and a little discussion, they gently prayed for me and read appropriate scriptures. My tears flowed and I got the shakes-the Holy Spirit was starting the healing process in my innermost being. During what I thought to be the final prayer, the phrase “deliverance from strongholds” was used, which reminded me of my upbringing in a condemning and controlling church environment which has been a negative influence on my relationship with God. After some unexpected discussion on this subject, they again prayed into the situation, and now a month later my relationship with Jesus has deepened, and I feel much more accepted by Him I am very grateful for the ministry of the Healing Rooms, and have no hesitation in recommending them to others – God bless you all in this work.”

I had experienced a lot of conflict and tension with my brother. Since having healing prayer at the Healing Rooms, I have seen a marked improvement in our relationship, my brother is much calmer and the conflict between us has ceased. We now get on well, thank you for your prayers and thank you God for answering the prayers.

I was feeling ill at ease over a situation which had taken place where I had unforgiveness towards those concerned. It was my first time attending so I did not know what to expect. I came away feeling very peaceful and calm and have something to work on for future living. The team were truly kind and connected to the heart of God to enable me to receive the touch from God that I needed. Thank you so much. What a liberating experience.

The Healing Rooms are fantastic. I came out of the rooms feeling as If God had been with me. There are more things in heaven than on earth.

The first time I visited the Healing Rooms I had an incredible experience and I felt emotionally more at peace. I visited a week later and was anointed, and I have found that since that time I have been able to really read God’s word and I have such a fresher and deeper understanding. Praise God!

For all my life I have struggled with being born illegitimate and all my life I have suppressed this issue, not knowing how to deal with it. I feel different now; I feel I am okay with it. It is not a stigma anymore.

I have been coming for healing/prayer for some weeks. I came to Christ just over a year ago and my first year was extremely tough. Since coming here things have truly started shifting in my life. I was so lost and stuck cannot describe. For the first time in my life I feel like an acceptable human being. Having come from an occult background, having occult healing I would always lose my balance and fall over, but with these people my feet are always firmly on the ground. Thank you, Jesus, and the London Healing Rooms.

I returned to Newcastle upon Tyne after my time at the Healing Rooms. I prayed the given prayers and went to Newcastle for a week. I want to thank everyone who prayed for me. To recap, one member of the prayer team saw a bottle with a cork in it, or cap. This was a root of bitterness that had remained. I had made it hard for God to bless me because I had not forgiven those who had hurt me in the past. This had affected all my decisions. After returning to Newcastle, I enjoyed my time for the first time in 30 years in the city where I was born. I have forgiven all those who had sinned against me. God can now freely bless me.

I came requesting prayer for stress, forgetting to put down direction. The team allowed the Lord to minister to me wonderfully. My fear is gone, and I have begun to respond to the pictures given.

I was recommended by my friend after I had explained that I was feeling very distressed and depressed about my son’s behaviour and personality which had changed in a negative way. Since attending the Healing Rooms I have grown stronger emotionally and spiritually and I feel blessed to have found people who are filled with the Holy Spirit. I know that God will change my son in His time. I will continue to visit the rooms. Thank you and God’s blessings.