Legs and feet

Testimonies of healing for legs and feet from Healing Rooms:

“I came to the Healing Rooms with pains on my back and legs. After prayers, my left leg, which was shorter than my right leg, grew out to be equal. I no longer limp. I walk straight! Hallelujah.”


“I went to the Healing Rooms for my womb and ankles, since I have had chronic problems with both causing major disruption to my life and intermittent difficulty walking because of pain, swelling and stiffness in my ankles... My ankles are much better! The weekend after I visited the Healing Rooms was physically demanding and would normally have resulted in me not being able to walk by Monday. However, my ankles were fine! My ankles would also always be stiff in the morning. So, at first I had to keep reminding myself that I could get out of bed normally because my ankles were healed! I am so grateful for this humble, genuine, life changing ministry. Thank you everyone at the Healing Rooms. God bless you and your ministry.”


“Whilst spending time staying with friends, I was asked to go to the Healing Rooms. I suffered from hay fever and a knee condition that needed ‘key-hole’ surgery. After prayer for both conditions, I knew the Lord had healed me, my sinus became clearer. Went two weeks later to see surgeon for ‘key-hole’ surgery, and examining my leg he couldn’t find anything wrong. Praise the Lord!”


“For years this member of Healing Rooms prayer team had had painful knees that would swell up. He prayed for his own knees to be healed and reported that they were now totally better.”


“One of our Healing Rooms Directors told us about a recent visit he had made to Burundi and one of the amazing miracles he had been involved with and witnessed. A man who could not walk and had been so for 20 years was healed. The man walked on his hands and bottom dragging his body along. Over a period of about 90 minutes the man's body and legs began to straighten, until he was able to walk and ride a bike. His son had never seen his father walk properly at all. Sometimes we need to persist in praying with someone when the healing begins to take place. Always thank the Lord for what He has done and continue as the healing gradually unfolds. We have an amazing God!”


“When visiting Healing Rooms, I had two lovely ladies pray for healing of my left foot. I have since been able to bend my toes, and stand on my tiptoes. Previously I would walk up and down stairs sideways. I am now pain free and also free from heaviness of heart. Thank you Jesus, and thank you so much to the Healing Rooms.”


“I visited the Healing Rooms at Freeport in Talke with an IT Band Syndrome which had been brought on by my constant pounding of the pavements in training for this year’s London Marathon. I felt every ache and pain in the weeks leading up to the marathon, and the constant feeling that my body wouldn’t allow me to finish the race. You had a word that I was on a mission for Jesus and that he would help and support me.
Well what can I say!! Although nervous on the morning of the race, I absolutely smashed it and every time I felt a little pain or negative thought I just kept reminding myself that I was on a mission for Jesus.
I finished the race pretty much pain free, but a little sore for a couple of days afterwards. I completed the 26.2 miles in 3 hours 48 minutes and raise over £3,500 for the MS Society. In total all the MS Society runners that day raised over £695,000 which is amazing.
I just wanted to thank you and your team for the gifting Jesus has placed within you and felt your prayers really made a difference.”


“In terms of the left foot injury that was prayed for, it is back to normal now and I don’t have any foot pain anymore. I was able to go on a 2 week cycle touring holiday without any flare ups and problems - which was amazing because before we left I was concerned that I would have to pull out during the first few days as my foot still wasn’t right. After that trip I was able to start running which was the first time I’ve been able to run in over 2 years. So praise Jesus for His healing!”


“I went for prayer at Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee for my swollen knee which was giving me a lot of pain. I was due to see the doctor as it hadn’t improved and I was prompted to seek the healer – Jesus Christ.
My knee was prayed for and instantly things started to happen, a movement in the knee cap, warm tingling sensation and reduction in pain. While I was there I happened to mention some trauma I had gone through recently upon finding a sudden death at work, which had left me emotionally scared. I couldn’t get the image out of my head and felt such guilt and fear.
I was prayed for and was asked to visualise Jesus standing before me. It was an awesome experience as I saw Him in all His Glory, which I now see every time my mind goes back to that incident.
The light has overcome the darkness, I feel set free – praise God. God doesn’t just heal the physical but the whole person.”


“One of the ladies from Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee saw me hobbling into Tesco hardly able to walk because I had hurt my knee.  She and another lady prayed for me at Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee and afterwards she asked me how the knee was feeling.  By way of reply, I showed her that I was now able to bend my knee, swinging my leg back and forth which I had been totally unable to do when I arrived!
I then tested my knee by walking around Tesco and found that I could now walk normally!  When I told the ladies that I still had a little twinge in the knee, they prayed again and I then walked all around the store at great speed!”


“I had been in hospital for about 5 weeks and then home for 2 weeks. While I was in hospital and at home, I had a terrible pain in my right leg in the calf.  I’d had a revision of a hip replacement and they’d pulled the nerve. When they equalise your legs the nerves are stretched. The nerve in the side of my leg was unbearable like a red hot poker.
A friend took me to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee, we were there quite early so we went round the shops and I was in complete agony with tears rolling down my face. We went into Costa and my friend sat massaging the leg to ease the pain. I was at breaking point and the only way to get relief was to lie on the sofa or the bed to raise the leg.  It would ease it but it wouldn’t go. One of the prayer team came up to me and said, ‘Would you like me to say a prayer?’ The team said a prayer and asked that God would take away this terrible pain. The prayer was said 3 times. There was a strange feeling in my leg during the prayer, not the terrible pain that I’d got but a sort of a tingling. As the team asked God for healing they said that Jesus loved me.
Eventually we went back to my friend and she said we’ll have to go as she had been planning to take me back home so I could lie down. We went back to the car and my friend lives about 5 mins away. When we arrived at my friend’s house I sat in the chair and the pain just wasn’t there. I don’t know if it had gone or if I’d blanked it out….. but it just wasn’t there and we sat and watched television and I didn’t want to lie down at all.  And we watched TV for some hours and then I was taken home.
At my home my friend asked me if I wanted to lie on the sofa and I said ‘no, I’m alright’. We both realised that I was alright! Now I’m not saying that it’s cured. The pain has gone. The “red hot poker” pain has gone and it’s bearable.  Although I am pushed around in a wheelchair it’s no trouble, some numbness is still there and I’ve got swelling round the ankle.
I go to see the surgeon soon and he will give his opinion but what I will say to him is that ‘that terrible pain has gone and it’s due to God and the prayer team’. The pain has stayed away, and I say ‘thank you God and thank you Jesus’. We are amazed!”


“I went to Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee for prayer with a painful foot problem that I had had for about 2 months. I had been to the doctors but they just said I needed to rest. So I asked for prayer as it was making walking difficult and painful, affecting both feet.
During the time they were praying for me I felt a slight sensation of pins and needles in the balls of my feet and afterwards there was a big improvement but I didn’t dare to think the pain had gone.
The next day the pain had reduced by about 60 to 70 percent. I began to thank God for the healing and within a couple of days the pain had gone altogether.”


“I want to share this testimony, which is long overdue, that I was in agony with my right knee, and had been sent to a local Hospital for an X-ray. The results were ‘wear and tear’. I was wearing my husband’s knee brace which helped a little but was uncomfortable and inconvenient as it couldn’t be worn under trousers. I was prayed for by the lovely folk at Healing Rooms and no pain at all after that. Not even a twinge. This was approximately 2 years ago and I am still going strong. I believe God has healed many ailments for me over the years and consider myself very blessed that our lovely Lord wants to make us whole.”