Injuries and broken bones

Testimonies of healing from injuries and broken bones in Healing Rooms:

“I had a nasty fall as I rushed through a door and fell over a large tool box. Despite exercise over several weeks the pain increased in my groin, knee and hip joint. I visited the Halifax Healing Rooms one evening where the team prayed for me. As they prayed a warm soothing sensation went through me as God healed me my leg. I would like to thank Him and all the team for their love and care I received. It is just wonderful to be pain free and mobile once again. Praise the Lord!”

“A man came to the Healing Rooms a number of times over a period of three months suffering from back, hip, knee and ankle pains resulting from a bike accident some years ago. After the first prayer session his back improved greatly and at following sessions his hips, legs and knees and finally a stiff left ankle all improved.”

“A man came to the Healing Rooms with a cracked rib. He was in great pain and had difficulty walking. A team of three from the Healing Room’s team prayed after the morning service on Sunday. He reported that was considerably better by Monday (i.e. healed during night). He was able to walk and go to work as normal, only having slight residual discomfort.”

“In February, I fell off a platform and fractured my arm in 5 places. Cardiff Healing Rooms prayed for me immediately.
In order for my husband to teach in the afternoon, I lay in a darkened room. The pain was 8 out of 10, I felt nauseous and even a light touch on my arm was intolerable. I thanked God anyway. He works good in all things.
I asked God "What's the chink in my armour?" Multiple confessions ensued, but I remember having vowed to do my utmost never to go to hospital ever again and this is a classic 'unholy vow'.
An hour and a half later something amazing happened: fear, shock and trauma left me and seemingly flew out the window. I rose, ate, drew back the curtains and hugged many people without inducing pain, even when they squeezed and patted my arm. 
A few days later in the fracture clinic, the doctor said I couldn't have done a worse job and that it's unlikely I'd ever be able to lift my arm above my head again. We told her we believe in a God who heals.
A couple of weeks later, fear started to return, but another Healing Rooms prayed off fear, shock and trauma. The next day I managed to raise my arm above shoulder height, with much glee and praising God.
A week later at the fracture clinic, the doctor said prayer is working. Every day I could do something I couldn't do the day before. My healing was accelerated.
In late March a physiotherapist asked: "What can you do?" I replied: "It's quicker if I tell you what I can't do", promptly raising my arms above my head. "But can you put your arms behind your back?" "Easy!" I say showing him. "That's amazing!" He says. "That's God!" 
Finally in April I visited a radiographer who said "I don't know how far you can raise your arm for this X-Ray." "Really high actually!" "You're having us all on!" She laughed when she saw my arm right above my head. "God has healed me." "Now He needs to heal the whole world" she said. "That's the plan!"
I showed the doctor that there's a little bit of movement in arm raising that I still couldn't do. "No, I believe you will be able to do it. Your progress is phenomenal. Most people at this stage can hardly lift above waist level. It's amazing what a positive attitude can do." "No! People prayed for me and the pain left. Healing comes quickly when there's no pain!" She nodded her head and then shook my hand, discharging me from care.”