Hair, Scalp & Skin

Testimonies of healing for hair, scalp & skin :

Testimony from IAHM Healing & Miracles Night 11/10/2023

A lady from Brazil shared she’d been suffering from chronic urticaria for 15yrs.  She had been treated with many medicines over that time with frequent changes but nothing was helping.  Through prayer, the Lord began to reveal incidents and pictures which she then elaborated on.  This lady then became aware that her hope was Jesus, and she had a personal revelation of the root of the affliction.  Holy Spirit revealed God as her shock absorber and about the roots of her affliction which were prayed for.  The prayer time concluded with her smiling and sharing that her hands were pulsing as evidence of God at work through Holy Spirit.

Hey guys, I’m sure it was yourselves who sent a prayer cloth recently for my 87 year old mum who has Parkinsons but also suffering from horrendous leg ulcers for the last year, in compression stockings, daily dressings, unscabbed, incredibly sore/painful, often maggoty!

I received the prayer cloth, took it over, explained to my mum, prayed with her and put it under her pillow.

Well, my sister reported this week that her legs have completely healed! You wouldn’t even have known she had a problem!  Praise God.  The whole year she’d been that bad and been on and off for several years before that!  Praise God.
Shame my sister still can’t see/accept that it’s God.

 But thank you guys, for your obedience, loyalty and love for God and His Kingdom come.

She still needs the compression stockings, apparently, due to her vascular state. But……Pray that be healed, too, and the Parkinsons also be gone, in Jesus’ name.  Amen.

“A lady during one of our training courses agreed to be prayed for as part of the demonstration of ‘praying in threes’.  She was suffering with Alopecia and consequently she was losing her hair by the handful and was well on the way to losing it all.  A word of knowledge came during the ministry time which so amazed her that she knew God was going to do something wonderful.  This lady is now training to be on the team with a new head of hair.  We refer to her as the lady who had ‘a hair-raising experience with God!’  Her hairdresser is astonished.”

“All my life I had suffered with eczema. I had it all over my body and it caused me sleepless nights of itching and scratching. I was waking up crying because I was so sore, and it had all become infected. I went to the Healing Rooms for the first time and received prayer for healing. I improved considerably but was not completely healed. I continued to visit the Healing Rooms and after my third visit I was completely healed. I have had no trouble since. Praise God!”

“I came to the Healing Rooms with severe psoriasis (an auto-immune disease that manifests in a skin condition like eczema) covering about 80% of my skin. I was advised by dermatologists to moisturise regularly to keep it at bay, but the reality was ‘it can’t be cured’.
I researched and tried and tested every recommended lotion and treatment but it only seemed to get worse. It built up so much that when I moved, the skin would crack and become very sore, it covered my hands and feet making it difficult to walk. I quit my job in sales and became very depressed, not wanting to see anyone or go out.

I received prayer from members of my church and it became clear that it was a ‘heart issue’. On visiting the Healing Rooms for the first time I noticed a dramatic change almost overnight. It has been a healing process, not an instant miracle, but the Lord has certainly healed me. I’ve found release from past hurts, grief and pain, had pictures of what’s to come, and my skin has never been so smooth. The psoriasis has gone! Although some scars/blemishes remain I know the Lord will not stop here, and I will stand before him ‘without blemish’.

Praise the Lord for his amazing grace and bless you all at the Healing Rooms for your ministry and your hearts. Above all, it is the love of God in the praying people that changed my life and kick-started my healing. May the Lord bless you and keep you, and from me – thank you!”

“I was prayed for at the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee following many months of suffering with eczema on my arms and eyes which were swollen and very sore. Within a few weeks of being prayed for at the Healing Rooms, the soreness had completely cleared up and has not returned.”

“As one who suffers from male hair loss over the last few years, I have had to be particularly careful when going out into the sun and have developed a number of very dry spots on my scalp. My GP warned that untreated they were potential spots for skin cancers to form and has treated these over the last few years by burning them off using liquid nitrogen. During the autumn, this year I spent three weeks in the Caribbean and was particularly careful to use a high factor sunscreen and wear a hat during the peak sunny periods. On my return I found that I had not developed any of these dry patches. However, some days later one of these patches reappeared, became very pronounced and began to sting whenever it was touched, or I had a shower. I therefore set up an appointment to see my GP about this and if necessary, get it burned off again. One evening I spoke to one of the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee team and requested prayer for this. The prayer was short, sensitive and to the point. The following morning, I noticed a considerable reduction in the size of the affected area and no stinging when I took a shower. Three days later I met with my GP and remarked to him that since I had set up the appointment the condition had reduced. He examined my scalp and said that there was so little affected skin that there was not enough to burn off! Subsequently the skin has cleared up completely. Praise the Lord for his goodness.”

“I have had several people pray for my psoriasis and after prayer at the Healing Rooms training, it is 95% gone. I am holding out for 100%.”