Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Healing Rooms?

Healing Rooms is a safe place that anyone can come to receive free and confidential Christian prayer for emotional, physical, and relational issues. It is a non-judgemental environment. Our aim is to provide help and support, to bring the love of God into people’s situations.


What happens in a Healing Rooms?

You will be welcomed, asked what your main prayer needs are, which will then be sensitively prayed for. At all times your comfort and welfare will be our priority.


How do I contact the Healing Rooms?

The ‘Healing Rooms Near You’ tab will enable you to find contact details for Healing Rooms across England and Wales. Or you can email the main office You can also phone the National Prayer Line to receive prayer for healing, details at the top of this page.

What is Healing Prayer?

Healing prayer is simply that we pray for healing in the Name of Jesus.


Who will pray for me?

The team (of two or three people) will be trained and experienced Christians from a variety of Christian church backgrounds. Callers to the National Prayer Line will only have one prayer minister.


Who can come?

Some people don’t always feel ill even if they have a medical diagnosis. Some people come to receive a prayer for someone else. The prayer can be for any physical, emotion or relational issue for yourself or someone you care for.


Do I have to make an appointment?

Some Healing Rooms do operate an appointments system.


How much does it cost?

We do not charge.


Can I come more than once?

You can come as many times as you wish!


What do I do after Prayer?

Be thankful to God and then to come back to receive more prayer if you would like to


How do I know it will work?

We always believe that God hears and that He always does something. It may or may not be immediately apparent, but we believe that He is gracious and kind and comes right into the centre of our situations.


I know I have done things wrong can I still get prayer?

Absolutely, Jesus never came to condemn us, He only ever came to save. (John 3:17)


Can I get prayer for someone else?

Yes, this happens often.


Do I have to be above a certain age?

People below the age of 18 should be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Can I come if I am not a Christian?

Yes. We pray for people of all faiths, and none!


How long will it take? I have not much time to spare

If you are limited to time, please mention it at the beginning. In any case, you can always come again at another time.


Can I come if I don’t have faith in this stuff, but am willing to give it a try?

Yes. We don’t assume anything!


Things really got better after I was prayed for.  I’d like to share my story to encourage others.

That’s great! If you can, come along and tell us. You may like to write your story down so we can encourage other people. Anything we do publish will only be by your written consent, anonymous, and on the platforms (ie pamphlet, website etc) you specify.

You can also send us your testimony using our Contact Form, and selecting testimony.


Can I be sure this is all in Confidence?

Yes, Healing Rooms are GDPR compliant no matter what way you engage with us.