Testimonies of healing for faith from Healing Rooms:

We had a couple who had been coming to see us for about two years.  They were not married at that time.  The young woman was looking to draw closer to the Lord and for healing.  As the months went on she started to open a bible study group in her home after feeling confident she could do it.  Her husband to be did not know the Lord and he would wait for her while she was being prayed for and the person on the desk was able to chat to him and speak about things in the Bible.  One week he came and he wanted prayer for a family member and the Team prayed for him.  One of the Team asked him about giving his life to the Lord and he said that he had been thinking about it.  So he was asked if he wanted to make that commitment and he said yes.  On the 7th July 2021 we had the honour of baptising him in the sea.  On the 17th September his now wife will also be baptised.

I visited the Healing Rooms on the 26th August this year to receive prayers for all areas of my life, especially my spiritual life which I have been struggling with for some time now. I can confess that I felt the touch of the Lord in my life. I went home feeling light as if a heavy load were taken off my shoulders. My life has never been the same, and I cannot stop singing and praising the Lord. I thank the Lord for using the prayer team to bless my life. I pray the Lord would strengthen them and continue to use them to bless others.

I want to thank the Healing Rooms prayer team for their immensely helpful ministry. Immediately after this I experienced a significant spiritual breakthrough. It was as if I had been ‘born again’ – I was filled with joy every day and God’s voice became very real and personal to me through his word and the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I felt led to repent of my wrong attitudes in relationships and to forgive others which in turn opened me up to receive more of God’s love. Thank you so much.

On my last visit to the Healing Rooms (end of March/April) I was told I would be a ‘spiritual mother’. I prayed about this. Not surprisingly a few weeks later a lovely young German girl came to our church. She is here for a year. We have become very friendly and I help and encourage her and have opened my home to her. She is a real blessing to me. She calls me “mummy”. Praise the Lord.

I came to the Healing Rooms for the first time in July 2009. Coming to the Healing rooms has been amazing. God has used this place to bring me to further freedom. I sense the presence of God more. The relationship with my parents has never been so good. I have not struggled with pornography or other sexual addictions since coming here. Although I know that I still have hurts from my past, I know that God loves me, and He is for me. I want to say a massive thank you to all the people who have prayed for me since I have started coming here. I thank God that He used you to bless me and reveal Himself to me and to heal me.

A team member prayed for me about six weeks ago. They saw a picture/vision of me getting off a coach in a hot and sunny place, very picturesque and beautiful. I have just returned from the Provence Region in the South of France. Travelling from Nice airport had been an issue until the last moment when I was informed that I could board a coach, and that’s what happened – it was last minute- the final leg of the journey to my destination. It was just as it had been described by team member. I went out there as the last choice out of two places. I went specifically to seek the Lord, His direction, at this time as I am at a serious crossroads. I believe the Lord wants me to go into ministry full time. I read in my Bible, Psalm 40 v 6 reads “I have accepted your offer of lifelong service!” at which point I was in shock. God is good. Thank You.

I came to the Healing Rooms in January with a lot of fear surrounding a housing issue. The lord told me to attend the Wednesday night prayer Healing session and to ask the body of Christ to stand with me and agree for my home. I did not realise how fearful I was. A member of the team mentioned that they had sensed my fear when they passed me in the shop. Whilst being prayed for another member of the team said the words “Lord we know you are going to bless her with a LOVELY HOME”. From that moment those words rang in my heart and my head. Every time fear came back, I would use those words, and calmness would enter my soul. Since then God has done exactly what he said he would do and blessed me and my children with “A LOVELY HOME”. That is the description which comes from everyone who has visited us. My children have also been very blessed since visiting the Healing Rooms with words that have come to pass in their lives which have strengthened their faith in our wonderful God

1st March – in my ‘God Journal’, I have written ‘the day I decided to really go for it”! The team of lovely, caring Christians prayed for my greater intimacy with God. God revealed so much of Himself and His purposes for me in that time, I hoped I would remember it all when I got home to write it down. I was, and still am so filled with the Holy Spirit and God’s joy to overflowing measure. I arrived at the Healing Rooms with expectancy that God would reveal Himself to me in a special way, but as usual God gives so much more than what we ask. It’s so exciting what God is doing in me and with me. Thank you for your prayer and channels of God’s special blessing upon me last Monday. God bless you too!

Richly blessed by the care, compassion and beautiful words given by the Lord! Thank you so much.

Hi there, just wanted to say thank you so much for praying for me on Wednesday. It was such a beautiful and special time where I realised for the first time just how much God loved me. I had gone expecting God to convict me of things and found instead His mercy, grace, and goodness. I recently bought a lovely book called ‘He Loves Me’ by Wayne Jacobsen which I have now started reading, and it makes so much sense. I feel that I am starting again in my relationship with God and I can walk beside Him without being afraid but being sure of His love for me!

I would like to thank God and pray that God would bless the people in healing rooms. I can now speak in tongues. In my flat I sleep in peace. I have a better relationship with God. Thank God for the Good News Shop and all the books and DVD’s. God bless you all.

I came to the Healing Rooms for the first-time last week, very aware that there were a few blockages in my life. Since then, over the last week, there has been one breakthrough already. I have felt God’s presence and received pictures for both my own life and the church again. Also, my faith is a bit stronger. Praise the Lord.

I was hugely blessed here at the healing rooms as I had been feeling uncomfortable for quite a while and could not put my finger on what it was. When your people listened to the Holy Spirit so many things were exposed, and I was set free in Jesus name. Thank you so much.

After having prayer my mind feels clear. I was lukewarm for the Lord, now I will be led to look and read a scripture that will make sense to how I am thinking and feeling and will put my mind and heart at ease. I feel free and strengthened something I never felt before. I thank the Lord and the team.

Another lady’s testimony is that after coming here regularly for six years, she feels that she is getting more and more freedom from her past, and is able to move on from this and deepen her relationship with the Lord.