Places to eat near the Ridgeway Centre

There are a number of places to eat in the centre of Milton Keynes. This is a 6 minute car journey away.

Wolverton is the closest town centre to the Ridgeway Centre which is around a 20 minute walk. This has a variety of different food places for lunch and dinner. Below are listed a few places, some of which were supplied by the Ridgeway Centre, that are within walking distance of the centre:

Wolverton (walking distance):
Greek Grill café – Wolverton Mill
Antep Kitchen – Stratford Road, Wolverton
Tesco Superstore – McConnell Drive, Wolverton
Asda – Creed Street, Wolverton
Lidl – Stratford Road
Wolverton House – Pizza and Carvery – Stratford Road
McDonalds – Portway MK
Eating Greek MK – Church Street MK
Muratti’s Pzzeria – Stratford Road
Namji- Indian – Wolverton
Zouk Lounge -Lebanese – Stratford Road
Oriental Inn Express – Shearmans
Domino’s Pizza – Stony Stratford
Sunny Side Up Café – Church Street
Friars Fish and chips – Church Street

Note – Please do not treat these as recommendations by Healing Rooms England & Wales (HREW) but are as a guide only and HREW cannot vouch for it’s accuracy. There are many more options within the Milton Keynes area but some may be outside of easy walking distance.