Ears and hearing

Testimonies of healing for ears and hearing:

“I visited Costa after having an extremely uncomfortable ear problem for two months, which was affecting my everyday life.  The welcome I received was great; it was so warm and kind.  We started off with a quick chat which put me at ease immediately.  I described my issue, and they listened carefully and then began to pray over me.  I felt so calm and peaceful, and really felt a connection with God.  Since this time, I have noticed significant improvement in my ear.  Although not fully healed it is much better”.

“From a young age I suffered from a severe and persistent ear infection, which left me partially deaf. I was told that as I grew older my condition would deteriorate leaving me totally deaf. At the Healing Rooms I requested prayer for the healing of my ears and on my second visit I realised that there had been a considerable improvement with my hearing. The Healing Rooms team prayed again for my total healing. On the following day I realised I could hear my TV without increasing the volume. God has turned my life around for the better in such a way that I can now hear far better. I give Him all the glory for the great things He has done and continues to do in my life.”

“I came for prayer as I had Tinnitus for 6 years without a break. Following my prayer at the Healing Rooms I noticed something different the very next day. My tinnitus had gone completely – first time I have had peace in 6 years.”

My six-year-old son was prayed for at the Healing Rooms for his ears ‘to work properly’. They rebuked the deaf and dumb spirit and prayed for healing. On leaving the room he could not hear clearly. However, as we walked outside the Healing Rooms my son immediately said that he could hear us talking even with the background noise (traffic), speech was usually muffled with background noise, and he would talk loudly. Now he can hear speech clearly at a normal volume and he speaks much quieter.

I had been having pain my ears during flying so I asked for prayer for a pain free flight that I was taking in 2 days’ time. Thanks to God I had two pain free flights.

Presence Conference 2021

As soon as she came up Papa said it was about a demonic stronghold. She told us she had tinnitus for 2 months now, not an audible audio sound but whistling. She told herself that she was praying with God about the root, she said, she didn’t search the result as not spiritual. A team member
asked if she was on medication, she was; antidepressants. The doctor had mentioned tinnitus as a possible side effect, I felt that demonic effect here. She had tried to build it off when the tinnitus started, which failed, so now she wanted a cure for the tinnitus. We decided to first send the depression away (and ask revelation about that) and until the time that the reduction could not yet succeed, we bind the powers of the spirit of pharmacy that came with the pills. God revealed to us the reason for her depression (past father), she came up with that too (unhealed trauma), we pronounced healing on her soul wounds here. She was moved by tears, grateful too. She experienced a difference of noise from 8 to 2 after our prayers (I asked). I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted zero. I saw one more thing: I saw that the murmurs in her ears were negative words from her father
that were not intended for her as a daughter of God. I covered these words with the blood of Jesus, broke them off her and commanded the ears to accept the sound of the peace of Jesus and only that. She hung up with great gratitude.