Testimonies of healing for dizziness from the Healing Rooms:

“About one and a half years ago I started experiencing dizzy spells. I was on holiday and was bedridden for about 24 hours. Even trying to go to the loo was nigh impossible. I couldn’t stand for the next 8-9 months without having the same sort of experiences. Having visited the doctor, he said that I had Meniere’s Disease, which is not curable. I had to stop driving when I was feeling like this and looking after the children was very difficult. After being prayed for at the Healing Rooms for about 2-3 weeks all the dizziness disappeared. I have not had this ever again, not even mildly.”


“I visited the healing rooms shortly after the arrival of my first born. I was experiencing dizzy spells which made it very difficult to care for my new born baby. I was anxious to carry him for fear I would drop him. I visited the doctors on numerous occasions where I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis, I was given medication which had no affect at all. I struggled for a couple of months before deciding to attend the healing rooms at Costa Coffee. Admittedly, I felt reluctant and a little apprehensive but was instantly put at ease by the ministry team who showed a real unjudgmental compassion and a true heart for God. Once the prayers had ended, I stood up (dizzier than ever!) feeling disheartened that there wasn’t an instant healing. ‘Patience and trust’ God told me. The next morning, I awoke to stillness… I hadn’t recognised this sensation for a long time. I had been healed!! To this day (5 years on) I have not experienced another dizzy episode.”