Testimonies of healing from diabetes:

“15 years ago, I had a blood sugar test and was diagnosed as being diabetic. Over the years the doctor has spoken of control, rather than cure. I observed my responsibility of losing weight, exercise, and a balanced diet over that time. For the last two years, when visiting my daughter in Perth Australia, I have attended Churchland’s Healing Rooms. The first time with the Ministry Team I was asked to eat two spoons of honey. I don’t like honey and for a diabetic it is probably not the best thing on an empty stomach, but I have learnt to be obedient and humble, so I ate it and then they anointed my fingers with it! This year I attended again, they seemed to know I was coming and asked me to wear a crown as I walked into the prayer room, as that was my status in Christ. I did so, even though it was quite heavy. During the prayer time they said they wanted to symbolically baptise me, so, they lowered me onto the floor on a blanket, prayed that the diabetes be nailed to the cross, this seemed very significant, they then left me to soak for a long time, saying, ‘it is complete’. I have just returned to hear the results from my annual check-up, feet, eyes, and blood tests. The Diabetic Nurse said I am completely cured and no longer diabetic. I praise God that indeed He can do more than we ever thought or expected.
I emailed Churchland’s Healing Rooms in Perth, Australia, for their encouragement. However, the email went into the wrong inbox; it reached the church that they rent, who do not really move in the things of the Spirit. They emailed me saying that, they had forwarded it, but, ‘they were so encouraged by the message, could they read it out in the next Sunday service?’.

God’s economy is to change the atmosphere, even when it is thousands of miles away, from people we have never met, but are encouraged by His Presence to heal and restore, that’s Our Father who brings Heaven to Earth.”

This person outside UK received a prayer cloth on request for one to be sent to them. She instantly felt the calmness. Her blood sugar levels which normally were high became lower. She slept like a rock, very deep sleep the first night. She is troubled by building work where she lives now, and so it is stressful. This prayer cloth keeps her calm. Out on errands one day she forgot to take the prayer cloth with her, it was left on her pillow where she places it every night, her blood sugar level became high again and she felt disoriented, stressed etc. She is extremely grateful, and really feels that the prayer cloth is helping her.