Covid-19 and Long Covid

Testimonies of healing from Covid-19 & Long Covid:

Long Covid

Thank you for your prayers!

I contacted you in desperation at healing rooms on Friday 16th April and then on 11th May for prayer of Long Covid that I had had for 18 weeks.

I then went to the IAHM conference advertised on your webpage and was prayed for again in the Healing rooms on Wed 12th May.

God spoke to me and said: ‘When you believe that God loves you, you will then be healed.’  I knew that this was a time when the Lord was doing more healing than just physical healing.

On the 19th May I continued to press in and pray and fast.  As I was fighting in the flesh, by mid afternoon my symptoms left me and they have never returned.  That was now three weeks ago.  I have not had any relapses or any symptoms since.  Thanks again for your prayers and the other prayer warriors at Healing Rooms!


I cannot recommend this enough.  The Healing Rooms was a complete turn around for me 3 weeks ago.  After Covid last September I was left with long Covid and I was healed 3 weeks ago at the Healing Rooms.  They pray for physical, emotional and well-being healing.