Chronic Fatigue

Testimonies of healing from chronic fatigue:

Testimony from IAHM Miracles & Healings Night 11-10-23

 A German lady shared that she was suffering from chronic fatigue which had led to the loss of her job.  Prayer revolved around her receiving the gentle warmth of healing for her ‘icy patches’.  She was visibly touched by the Holy Spirit and hope from scriptures shared began to brighten her whole demeanour.  This encouraged her to share future desires which were prayed for.  She was deeply touched and still receiving as the ministry time concluded.  She was encouraged to continue to abide in Holy Spirit’s presence.

Testimony from Miracles & Healings Night 13-09-23

We ministered to a lady from Germany who had chronic fatigue and lost her job because of it.  And the Enemy trying to not let her speak, sing, prophesy etc so we rebuked that and all three of us ended up laughing for 5 minutes. I always say there is healing in laughter!

“In the late spring of 2016 the team at Dorchester sent out a handkerchief to a young girl who was totally bound by ME, living in her wheelchair and unable to walk. She had no strength in her body and seemed to have no will to live. Recently, they received a photo of this girl. This shows her standing perfectly straight and holding her pet spaniel in her arms.  She is now back at school and living a normal life. Her grandmother, who sent the photo and whose career was as a senior nurse, uses the word miracle as she describes her granddaughter’s quite remarkable transformation. Others were praying for her as well as Healing Rooms Dorchester but the team there are delighted to hear that her improvement started a few weeks after receiving the anointed handkerchief.  They do not however take any credit for what has happened but give all the glory to Jesus!” 

Presence Conference 2022

Our first lady took us two hours to minister to.  We didn’t think we were getting anywhere then after about an hour the tide started to change.  Lots of tragedies in her family including her mother dying of carbon monoxide poisoning and other early deaths to suicide etc.  Lots of grief in her but after an hour of crying God was doing a deep healing in her.  Then she stated that she suffers from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome so we started to pray for that and in the end she was receiving and laughing and completely transformed.  We did have a picture about walking into a new forest with sunshine as a new start for her.  Amazing God!!!