Testimonies of healing from Anxiety from the Healing Rooms:

A month ago the team prayed for a lady who was suffering from deep anxiety with regard hospital tests and was struggling to even attend important tests at the hospital.  As a team we spoke to her about the love of Jesus and she committed her life to the Lord.She felt peace and love and was resolute to face the future with God helping her.

Yesterday she rang me to report that she had had the operation the hospital team had recommended she to have, that it had been a good experience and they had used key hole surgery and that she felt so covered by God throughout it all.

I encouraged her to praise God for the journey and for His Love and care and to spend time getting to know Jesus better through the gospel of Luke.

She was encouraged and appreciative of Healing Rooms prayers and support.  It was such an encouragement to receive her update of God’s provision for her.

I’ve been wanting to tell you I’m off my anti-anxiety medication.  I have had several attempts over the last 2 years but my last visit to the Healing Rooms was the starting point to more dependence on God and less on medication! I’ve managed 3 weeks now.  It’s not all been plain sailing but I’m sticking with it.