Testimonies of healing from allergies:

“A few weeks ago, I thought I would try a different drink and ordered a fruit smoothie whilst at Costa Coffee – It was a new fruit smoothie on the menu. However, as soon as I drank it, I immediately began to feel unwell, and realised it must have had pineapple in it. I always become terribly ill and nauseous, after eating pineapple. A member of the Healing Rooms at Costa Coffee prayed for me, specifically declaring that I would be able to drive home without being sick. Although, I did not feel completely better I didn’t have the violent reaction I usually have to pineapple and I was able to drive home safely.”

“I brought my son to the healing rooms because he had a bad rash on his body, and he would scratch it until it bled. During prayer, my son said he felt something, and that it made his body shiver. The rash went and he was completely healed! I thank God foremost, and I also thank everyone at the Healing Rooms.”