Airways, Lungs, Jaws & Teeth

Testimonies of healing for airways, jaws & teeth:

Testimony from IAHM Miracles & Healing Night 14-02-2024

A lady came for prayer who said she had a dream where a lady she knew prayed pneumonia over her and since then she’s had cold like symptoms for three months.  We led her in a prayer of forgiveness. One of the prayer ministers had a picture of a black altar (of witchcraft) and the team were able to speak verses of Scripture to her.  The sadness which the team had discerned regarding this lady changed into happiness.

Testimony submitted 1-9-2023

Yesterday I rang the National Prayer Line to request prayer for a damaged tooth. After an unsuccessful and immensely painful initial treatment a temporary fix was in place, however the tooth was to be extracted and the future appointment arranged.

I started with pain yesterday morning and needed relief. Painkillers were working temporarily. The Prayer Minister prayed with me for healing. I felt nothing at the time and the pain later returned, but I knew I had to trust God’s work was in progress even though it didn’t feel like anything was happening.

After a night of broken sleep and feeling a bit despondent I rang the dentist this morning. The receptionist gave me an appointment but said there would be little time for a permanent fix as she had squeezed me in at the last minute. I was grateful for any option at this point.

When I arrived at the dentist I was surprised that it wasn’t my usual practitioner. After looking at my tooth he said he wanted to try to do something to avoid an extraction. He specialised in anaesthesia and had a different method to try to treat the tooth if I was willing. I’m very anxious at the dentist but I trusted God had a plan and thanked Jesus in my mind as the dentist worked. The anaesthetic worked and he was able to carry out the procedure to save the tooth. I couldn’t believe it as the previous dentist was so adamant (and disappointed) it couldn’t be saved!

I’m still in recovery pain, need to continue antibiotics and will receive the final part of the treatment next week but I am praising God and trusting in complete healing for this tooth.

Thank you for praying with me.

September 2023

Years ago Father God healed me of getting chest infections after colds/flu and I am reclaiming that blessing once again! It really was miraculous – I used to sneeze once and then would be grounded sometimes for weeks as I had to take successive courses of antibiotics. This happened so frequently that many of them had ceased to work, but after that prayer long ago I have not needed a single course. Thank you Father!

“On the Thursday afternoon just before we flew out to Turkey on the Friday, a filling in my wisdom tooth came loose. I could feel it moving around in the cavity of my tooth and I started to experience some pain. I rang the dentist but was told there were no appointments available and we were flying out the next day so getting it repaired was not an option. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to pray for a supernatural repair which I did. I forgot about it for a couple of hours and when I came home for tea, I noticed that the filling was no longer loose, but somehow fixed in place with no pain whatsoever. I enjoyed my 10 days holiday with no problems enjoying the food and fun without any issues.

I am due to visit the dentist soon but praise God the filling is still secure! We have such an amazing God!”

“When I came for prayer, my jaw had been painful on and off for a few months, whilst biting down. More recently it had become very painful, to the point where I could not sleep properly and became a slow process. The doctor diagnosed TMJ inflammation and told me to take it easy and not to open my jaw too wide as it was clicking when I did that – there was nothing more that he could do. After I was prayed for, I did not notice any difference, but I decided that I had received my healing, and just kept thanking God for it. After a few days I realised that I had forgotten about the pain completely and that there was no pain whatever I did, and no matter how wide I opened my jaw. Since that time (about 4 months) it has been absolutely fine.”

“A lady came to the Healing Rooms with severe gum disease and suffering from kidney/bladder problems. She said she felt ‘poisoned’ and ‘at the end of her tether’. She had already had one tooth extracted and was told that it would probably be necessary to take out three more. After prayer, the gum disease and swelling had subsided so much that when she visited the dentist to have the further extractions, he said that it would not be necessary to take out any more teeth. After further prayer, the gums improved further, and her kidney/bladder problems also subsided. A few weeks later she also reported that a thyroid condition that she had been suffering from had been gradually getting better and that the doctor had reduced her thyroid medication. She said, ‘I am now the healthiest and strongest I have been for an exceptionally long time and I thank God for it’.”

“I went to the Healing Rooms @ Costa Coffee on a Thursday and had planned just to observe what was going on.  I was offered prayer and I agreed, as I needed help and strength to deal with my son who has been a worry. Having briefly explained why I wanted the prayer, hands were gently placed on me and the prayer for strength began.

I had been suffering a lot of pain in my lower jaw which had got progressively worse over recent weeks. Just after one of the prayer team put his hand on my arm the pain in my lower jaw just went. I was not sure what to say or do as the prayer for strength was still going on. I never felt so speechless in my life (those who know and love me will vouch for this).

WOW-WOW-WOW – is all I can say, as I never even mentioned my physical pain. All I then wanted to do was call and tell my friend Jane who is a true believer that I believe too.

On the following Friday I had a call from my son, everything was better than it has been for a long time. He is so looking forward to a visit next week.”

“I came for healing prayer yesterday for a viral sore throat infection that I had been suffering from for the past three weeks.  The two who ministered to me prayed for me and the Lord Jesus healed me.  I was coughing no more and my throat felt better.  At last I could breathe.”

“For 5 months I had what I thought was a recurring chest and throat infection. I kept going back to the doctor who gave me increasing doses of antibiotics to no avail. Eventually I had an X-ray and was referred to the chest specialist. My G.P. said ‘I just don’t know what to do’. The specialist explained that the lungs showed evidence of double pneumonia and a partially deflated lung. One of my lungs looked as though a lace tablecloth had been laid across it such was the scarring. There were also signs of sarcoidosis that I had suffered from 30 years ago. This usually burns itself out after the first attack but if it continues causes all sorts of complications for which there is no treatment. I received healing prayer. Following a CT scan and ultrasound I revisited the specialist. He announced that my lungs were all but one spot clear. When I pressed for a medical explanation, he gave no answer.”

“A prayer cloth was sent to man in Australia who had asbestosis, for which there is no cure. When he received the cloth, he put it on his chest. On his next visit to his doctor, he was told that all traces of asbestosis have now gone – he is completely healed.”

I have had asthma for several years now. Every time I went to visit my grand-parents at Holland-on-Sea I had an asthma attack. This was caused because my aunt and uncles’ dog would sleep in the guest bedroom when they visited. Also, I had started to sneeze in the mornings. Two weeks ago, I asked my dad to get me a prayer cloth. We went to see my grandparents that weekend and I did not wheeze once nor did I get out of breath. Since being home I have also stopped sneezing.

Thank you for your prayers for me and my health back in July. I was ill for about three weeks with a breathing problem, but now I am very well. Praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers in Jesus name.

My chest was so tight that I was finding it exceedingly difficult to breath. I was prayed for and it was amazing I was able to breathe freely. I give thanks to God for my healing I give Him all the Glory. Thanks to the people that prayed for me.

God completely healed my asthma and I no longer take medicine. Praise God for all the joy this has given me and all those who have prayed for me.

I received a healing in my body at the Healing Rooms. I had continuous pain down the left side of my chest and lung for years, I am totally healed.

After coming to the Healing Rooms, I have received a complete healing of asthma.

I received a healing in my body at the Healing Rooms. I had continuous pain down the left side of my chest and lung for years, I am totally healed.

Presence Conference 2021

A lady from East Anglia who had an ‘inoperable tooth infection’. Her only option was to have the tooth taken out, which she didn’t want, even though it was causing severe pain up her face. We prayed several times and the pain went from 10 to zero – no pain at all. She was able to clench her teeth and touch her face by the tooth- no pain. Thank you Lord.

Presence Conference 2021

A lady from the UK. Bad asthma, weak, can only walk a short distance; broke the generational curse from her grandmother. She said she was healed and left very happy. Asked how long she had been a Christian, ‘Since I was born’.

Presence Conference 2021

A lady from the USA it was a second visit to the Prayer room. She looked so much brighter than her first visit. She asked for prayer from complete healing from multiple chemical sensitivities and also trouble with her jaw. She also asked for a cutting off of generational curses and the spirit of
freemasonry, as her father and grandfather were both freemasons. After prayer for these issues she was asked to place her hands on her jaws and the team released healing into her jaws and throughout her whole body. Gave her Scripture Mark 11, 22-25. Speak to your mountains. She thanked the team for prayer and said she was much encouraged.