‘40 Days of Delighting in God’ contains a collection of thoughts and reflections to invite you into intentional

and joyful communion with God each day.

With themes of creativity and freedom, this book contains a mixture of biblical exposition, personal stories and practical applications to encourage and challenge you in your own walk with God.

Mary’s hope is that you will be inspired to go deeper in the daily adventure of listening to the Holy Spirit, embracing the fullness of life that Jesus offers, and delighting in Father God’s immense love for you!

Book reviews

‘Relevant – Inspiring – Challenging – Encouraging – Life-transformative.

40 days of Delighting in God is a collection of powerful reflections infused with meaningful questions with an invitation at the end of each chapter to dive deeper into intimacy with Jesus!  Mary has a special gift of capturing in writing what God is saying, drawing on personal stories of application in her life, and engaging the reader in powerful personal reflection.

Mary’s expressed hope is that you will have a greater revelation of His love, cherished moments of delighting in God and enjoy the adventure of hearing Him speak – that is certainly the impact in my life! But – only read one at a time or you’ll miss the depth of treasure!’

Linda Harding – Advisor on international mission, mentor, coach, leader

‘Mary draws from her own intimate walk with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and her creativity to invite the reader in to deeper relationship with the God of the Bible. I recommend it with pleasure.’

Stuart Gregg – Kingdom Ministries and Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry 

‘A devotional shouldn’t just take you an intellectual journey but a spiritual one that touches the depths of your spirit and soul. Mary in her devotional has invited the reader into a journey of a beautiful dance with Holy Spirit, Jesus and Father which increases intimacy. Mary writes with grace and integrity that will delight your soul and nourish your spirit.’

Liz Gregg – Kingdom Ministries and Celebrate School of Supernatural Ministry

Mary Swain  (Dance and Worship focus)

Mary is an enthusiastic dancer and worshipper who lives in Yorkshire. She has always loved to dance and trained professionally in dance and choreography, but since the pandemic she has been on an exciting journey of encountering God in new ways through movement. Dance has brought so much intimacy and joy to her relationship with the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit, and she loves to encourage others to find freedom in this area as well.

She is inspired by the life of David in the Bible and how he had a priority for extravagant worship and sacrificial praise, purely because God is worthy of our everything! David knew that worship to God was never wasted time, and he enjoyed an intimate and full relationship with Him because of this.

This journey over the past few years has led her to facilitate sessions for a variety of different groups and ages in various places, inviting people to encounter God on a deeper level through creativity and movement.

Mary’s favourite thing to do is to worship God with her whole being and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to partner with the worship team at the HREW conference this year!